What is Open – for Automotive?

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By Joel Hoffman, Automotive Strategist, Intel Automotive Solutions Division

“What is truth?” So ended a conversation between a famous Roman Governor and an even more famous man thousands of years ago. The Governor did not find his answer, at least not immediately. 

The automotive industry is facing a similar question, “What is open?” and seeks to find some answers next month in San Diego, CA.  Open source has accelerated innovation within nearly every area of technology that touches our lives today. Naturally, the automotive industry has begun to capture this same sort of fuel injection to match the pace of advancement within consumer electronics.

At the center of these efforts is a conversation around achieving collaboration among competitors, agreement on common practices and enforcement of rules for the common good, without losing the profitability historically associated with the closed automotive development process.

Open Automotive ’13 – October 9 in San Diego

At the Open Automotive ’13 business conference on October 9, 2013, OEMs, business leaders, analysts and emerging consumers will use a “late night”, Letterman-style stage and setting devoid of commercial speeches, replaced with an entertaining debate on “What is open – for automotive?” Participants from Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Intel and the Linux Foundation will give five minute monologues, then the floor will be opened up for informed analysts, journalists and other attendees to begin asking the tough questions.

The one-day conference will include two keynotes and six provocative topics for conversation. I’m looking forward to the open discussions around sessions  like “Collaborate or Die” and the “Open Automotive OS Battleground,” which are likely to stir some thinking in the newly converged automotive and high tech industries. The increasing complexity and connectivity of in-vehicle software is driving automotive towards more open, collaborative approaches to software development.

 As Henry Ford once famously said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.”   As part of the program, I plan to be there the night before and hang out on the free sunset cruise on San Diego Bay along with 250 of my industry friends.

GENIVI Member Showcase

After the discussions are over the following day, the doors will open to the highly popular GENIVI Member Showcase where nearly 40 members show their implementations of the GENIVI® Compliance Program. Open Automotive is hosted by the GENIVI® Alliance, which started the process of opening automotive software with the introduction of a non-fragmented Linux implementation for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. GENIVI’s annual showcase provides a rare opportunity to look inside the alliance and understand how profitable open can be in the auto industry.

Meet me at the Open Automotive ’13, an inaugural event supporting the increasingly open automotive industry.   I’m open for business.

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