Vector Software releases VectorCAST 6.0

February 27, 2012  by  

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Automates testing and validation of safety-critical embedded applications

Vector Software announced the release of VectorCAST version 6.0, which includes the ability to configure VectorCAST for automotive – ISO 26262 – among other specific embedded industries, so users can interface with the tool using familiar terminology and concepts.

The VectorCAST 6.0 release includes an integrated static source code analyzer for C and C++. VectorCAST/Lint can examine individual source files or an entire application and provides comprehensive reporting capabilities. The VectorCAST/Lint tool is preconfigured to provide out-of-the box enforcement of MISRA C, MISRA C 2004, and MISRA C++ 2008 standards.

VectorCAST 6.0 features and enhancements:

  •     Integrated Static Analysis, including MISRA, with VectorCAST/Lint
  •     Complete HTML help system with extensive searching capabilities
  •     Automated test templates for 100% MC/DC pair coverage
  •     Enhanced Coverage Reporting for VectorCAST/Manage
  •     Welcome Screen provides RSS feeds and Hyperlinks to common tool functionality
  •     Built-In GNU-Based Compiler for C, C++, and Ada95
  •     Built-In Testing Examples for all tools to allow Tool Usage within seconds of installation
  •     Integrated Web Browser for Access to VectorCAST Help and Examples

VectorCAST 6.0 is immediately available to customers worldwide. For additional details about the 6.0 release of VectorCAST contact Vector Software at

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