TI offers next-generation automotive LED drivers for dashboard applications

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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced next-generation AEC-Q100 qualified automotive LED drivers, with the industry’s highest voltage rating, thermal shutdown protection and optimized electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance.

The TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1 are monolithic, medium-voltage, low-current 8-bit/12-bit shift registers designed for use in systems that require relatively moderate load power, such as LEDs.

Warning lamps, instrumentation cluster, LED illumination

The new LED drivers are designed for automotive dashboard applications, including tell-tale warning lamps, instrumentation cluster, and LED illumination and control. For more information or to order samples, visit www.ti.com/tlc6c598-q1-pr and www.ti.com/tlc6c5912-q1-pr.

 In harsh automotive environments, the electronics must endure high temperatures, high voltage transient and electromagnetic interference. It is crucial for the devices to survive such conditions while reducing electromagnetic emissions.

Key features and benefits of the TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1:

         Highest voltage rating: The TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1 have the highest rating of up to 40V on all outputs. This allows the TLC6C598-Q1 to power up to eight strings of LEDs and the TLC6C5912-Q1 to power up to twelve strings of LEDs directly connected to the automotive battery.

         Thermal shutdown protection: The TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1 offer self-protection against power dissipation, which results in better long-term reliability when low- and high-temperature demands are placed on the device.

         Optimized EMC performance: The TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1 have controlled and optimized rise and fall time for the outputs, reducing the electromagnetic emissions.

Tools and support:

A simulation model is available for the TLC6C598-Q1 at www.ti.com/tlc6c598-q1-model-pr and for the TLC6C5912-Q1 at www.ti.com/tlc6c5912-q1-model-pr. A reference design, schematic checklist, and application note are also available.

Availability, packaging and pricing

The TLC6C598-Q1 comes in two packages: the SOIC-D and TSSOP-PW 16-pin packages are available now for ordering at a suggested retail price of $0.50 in 2,500-unit quantities. The TLC6C5912-Q1 comes in two packages: the SOIC and TSSOP 20-pin packages are available now for ordering at a suggested retail price of $0.70 in 2,500-unit quantities.

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         In addition to the TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1, TI’s LED portfolio includes constant current LED drivers with built-in diagnostics including TLC5916-Q1, TLC5917-Q1, TLC5926-Q1, TLC5927-Q1 and the TLC5941-Q1.

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