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Thirty one U.S. states have banned texting while driving and nine states have passed a complete ban on the use of cell phones in moving vehicles, so automakers are fighting to develop a human-machine interface (HMI) that will bring drivers the information they want in their cars quickly and safely.

In-car connectivity features have grown in number and complexity over the last five years. At the same time, 450,000 injuries have been linked to distracted driving, making car manufacturers a likely target for litigation. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is threatening to tighten legislation.

This creates opportunities for car makers and tier one suppliers to differentiate their brands by developing innovative ways of bringing content into vehicles and doing so safely.

Roger Berg, Denso’s Vice President of Wireless Technology, summarized the implications of the automotive UI in a recent interview with Telematics Update, “Each carmaker has its own way of providing information to the driver, and the nature of the information may dictate a wide range of modalities that are certainly possible.”

Telematics Update’s 180+ page Human Machine Interface Report, published in March 2012, contains case studies from thought-leaders in this space to help automakers and tier ones develop a Winning HMI Strategy for the connected car to enhance user experience and create product differentiation. It includes case studies from:

•             Apple

•             BMW

•             Cell Control

•             Chevrolet

•             Audi

•             Ford

•             Lexus

•             Volvo

•             Onstar

•             GM

•             Chrysler

•             Garmin

The HMI Report also offers insights into key topics such as market forecasts to 2016, regulatory trends, OEMs’ strategies from design to implementation, driver distraction and the most popular in-car features.

Information on the report, including contents, methodology, list of figures and research highlights, can be found at

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