NIRA Dynamics Software Detects Road Surface Conditions in Real Time

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Online, real-time road friction map of Gothenburg (PRNewsFoto/NIRA Dynamics)

Online, real-time road friction map of Gothenburg (PRNewsFoto/NIRA Dynamics)

Thousands of car accidents occur every year in Sweden due to slippery road conditions. Globally, this number reaches incredibly high levels. To reduce the number of accidents, and to allow for future vehicles to have efficient systems for Advanced Driver Assistance, a car must be able to determine if a road is slippery or not.

NIRA Dynamics has equipped a fleet of 80 vehicles with software for detecting road surface conditions in real-time. This winter, Road Surface Information (RSI) by NIRA continuously monitors the quality and tire grip level of the road surface – without stereo cameras, adaptive suspension or other expensive sensors. With sensor fusion based algorithms, RSI can determine the level of road roughness and road friction.

Renault Selects Spirent to Help Implement Next Generation In-vehicle Networks

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Renault with ManSpirent Communications, provider of connected car and automotive Ethernet test solutions, announced that its Automotive Ethernet BroadR-Reach® Conformance and Performance test solution has been selected by Renault.

It will be used to help develop next generation in-vehicle networks that provide drivers and passengers with the benefits of connected cars.

“Renault is at the forefront of technology and is constantly looking to provide drivers and passengers with new features to create a ‘Passion for Life.’ Automotive Ethernet will help provide a lot of these features and benefits,” Alain Couvreux, EE architecture expert leader of Renault, said. “As the automotive industry adopts new information technology and creates the connected car, it needs to embrace new systems. As a leading provider of solutions to help the world communicate and collaborate faster, better and more securely, Spirent has the expertise and innovation to implement new technologies like automotive Ethernet.”

HELLA helps Renault Design Complex Rear Tail Lamp

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LED Rear Tail Lamp (PRNewsFoto/HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.)

LED Rear Tail Lamp (PRNewsFoto/HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.)

The new Renault Espace recently introduced in Europe has distinctive LED tail lamps with a two-part design developed by HELLA.

The fifth generation French crossover was first shown as Renault’s “Initiale Paris” concept car at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. The new model features HELLA tail lamps that are split into two sections to generate a unique appearance, especially when turn signals are activated.

An auxiliary lens that combines clear and brushed coatings is located in front of each LED light guide to create what Renault refers to as an “ice cube” design similar to the appearance of light passing through an ice cube.

Renault Uses Maple to Develop New Motor for Full Electric Vehicle

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In order to successfully enter the growing electric vehicle market, Renault wanted to create a new motor design. In the earlier phases, they turned to Maple and started quickly with first-order approximations of the rotor. One particular issue of growing complexity that was solved with Maple was that of the slot wedge, which holds the rotor wire in place to ensure reliability over both maximum loads and long-term operation

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GENIVI Members Renault and Nissan Combine to Deliver a Common IVI System

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genivi logoThe GENIVI Alliance announced that members Renault and Nissan will launch a new joint program to deliver a common IVI system based on software developed within the Alliance membership.

The new software will supply all low-to-mid and high-class Renault and Nissan vehicles globally and will be supplied by Robert Bosch GmbH.

“Our Renault-Nissan team believes GENIVI will become the new standard automotive operating system that will be used in in-vehicle infotainment systems,” said Alexandre Corjon, Renault-Nissan Alliance Global Vice President, EE & Systems Engineering. “A GENIVI solution will allow both an increase in quality level and a decrease in the cost of these systems due to reuse of many software modules.”

Parrot Introduces an Automotive Media Center

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Modern Media & TV Sharing for in-Car Entertainment

Parrot unveiled an automotive Media Center resulting from substantial investment and development around digital TV, Ethernet AVB and Android.

The new platform is being adapted to fit into the vehicles of major manufacturers. Mass production will begin in the first half of 2015.

Full HD (1080p) movies from any connected source or from on-board Digital TV receiver can be broadcast seamlessly into automotive-grade displays and/or end user tablets or smartphone. Each video source offers fully synchronized playback on multiple screens, or independent video source playback on each screen, for enhanced user experience.

Telematics Munich 2014 – November 10-11

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telematics update logo

Telematics Update’s Telematics Munich conference is scheduled for November 10-11 at the Hotel Dolce, Munich, Germany.  Organizers say the conference will focus on how the car is plugging into the connected world so that the ecosystem can develop auto mobility strategies towards 2020.

The Car Plugs into the Connected World: Auto Mobility Strategies for 2020

As hype gathers around the Internet of Things, automakers and service providers alike are developing data management systems capable of dealing with the huge influx of data that comes with having everything connected.

Renault and Orange Plan for 4G/LTE

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Renault and Orange are collaborating on a research project to test the automotive uses of very-high-speed, 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity.

Orange rolled out 4G at Renault’s research and testing facilities. The aim is for both teams to test new uses made possible by very-high-speed mobile technology in real-life situations, ranging from virtual office and cloud gaming to video conferencing.

An initial test is underway on the NEXT TWO prototype based on Renault ZOE and to be presented on the Renault stand at the LeWeb’13 Paris conference.

ABI Research predicts rise in global V2V

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Global V2V Penetration into new vehicles will increase from just over 10% in 2018 to 70% in 2027, according to ABI Research ( with the EU, US, and Japan as key regions adopting V2V in the mid-term.

“V2X market and regulatory dynamics vary greatly from region to region,” says VP and practice director Dominique Bonte.

ABI predicts growth in connected automotive infotainment

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Shipments to exceed 62 million by 2018 as feature set explodes

ABI Research predicts that shipments of connected automotive infotainment systems will grow from 9 million in 2013 to more than 62 million in 2018 with connected navigation, multimedia streaming, social media, and in-car Wi-Fi hotspots becoming key features.

ABI Research VP and practice director Dominique Bonte comments, “Open platforms continue their march forward. While both the GENIVI consortium (open source common automotive infotainment reference platform) and the Car Connectivity Consortium (MirrorLink screen replication technology) somewhat struggle to find momentum, the car industry is now turning its attention to HTML5 and Android with both Renault (R-Link) and Volvo (Sensus Connected Touch platform based on Parrot’s Asteroid Smart) embracing (heavily) modified versions of the Android operating system.”

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