Mobileye® Licenses MIPS32®1004K™Coherent Processing System for Advanced Driver Assistance SoCs

May 4, 2010 by  
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MIPS Technologies, Inc. said Mobileye has licensed MIPS’ multi-threaded multiprocessing MIPS32®1004K™Coherent Processing System (CPS). Mobileye will incorporate the 1004K CPS in its next generation EyeQ™ vision-based SoC for use in driver assistance systems. Mobileye uses multi-threaded MIPS32 34K™cores in its current generation EyeQ2™SoC. Development of the third generation SoC will begin immediately.

Mobileye’s family of EyeQ™ Vision Processors and its broad range of algorithms for mono-camera driver assistance systems target vehicle active safety applications such as lane departure warning, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, intelligent headlight control and traffic sign recognition.