Saft America Receives $6.13 Million USABC Award for Li-ion Stop-Start Battery Technology Development

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Saft America Inc. announced it received a competitively bid, $6.13 million award from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for 12-volt stop-start battery technology development. The contract includes a 50 percent cost-share by Saft.

The 30-month contract will focus on the development and delivery of lithium-ion 12-volt modules for vehicle stop-start battery applications consistent with USABC goals based on Saft’s lithium-ion battery technologies along with battery management electronics.

The contract follows research previously conducted with USABC for 12-volt stop-start battery technology development and an earlier contract to develop lithium-ion battery systems for hybrid electric vehicle applications.

Renovo Coupe Cockpit Concept Is Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 Mobile Super Chip

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renovo cockpitRenovo Motors 500 horsepower Coupe includes a cockpit concept designed in collaboration with NVIDIA® and developed using NVIDIA DRIVE Studio software.

The cockpit is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra® X1 mobile super chip, which drives an all-digital instrument cluster and 11.6-inch touchscreen in the center stack. The Renovo Coupe is the first vehicle to feature the Tegra X1 technology.

“Renovo’s engineering collaboration with NVIDIA reflects its commitment to integrate the world’s most advanced automotive technology in the Coupe,” said Christopher Heiser, Chief Executive Officer for Renovo Motors.

Maxwell Technologies to Develop High-Performance Hybrid Ultracapacitor/Lithium-ion Battery for Stop-Start Autos

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maxwell logoDepartment of Energy Funded Program Supports Energy Storage Technology Innovation

Maxwell Technologies (Nasdaq: MXWL) has been awarded a $2.68 million cost-shared technology development contract by the United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) to develop a high-performance hybrid ultracapacitor/lithium-ion battery for stop-start idle-elimination microhybrid autos.

USABC is a subsidiary of the United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR), the collaborative automotive technology organization for Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors. With funding provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, USABC’s mission is to develop electrochemical energy storage technologies that support commercialization of electric, hybrid-electric and fuel cell vehicles.

IHS Predicts Sharp Rise in Global EV Production

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Driven by tighter emission standards in Europe, worldwide production of electric vehicles (EVs) will soar by 67 percent this year, according to IHS Automotive, driven by Polk.

Total production of EVs—both pure electric models and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)— is projected to rise to more than 403,000 this year, up from slightly more than 242,000 in 2013. Growth will accelerate sharply from the 44 percent increase in 2013, based on data from the new IHS Automotive Hybrid-EV Portal.

The huge increase in the EV market this year contrasts with the 3.6 percent rise in global manufacturing of all motor vehicles expected in 2014.

China BAK to supply Li-ion batteries for Chery EVs

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China BAK Battery, Inc. has entered into a new contract to supply high-power batteries to Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. China BAK will deliver 1,000 high-power lithium-ion battery units in 2012 to power Chery’s Ruilin M1 electric cars. The new contract is in addition to China BAK’s contract to supply 100 high-power battery units to Chery, which are on schedule to be delivered by June 2012. The Ruilin M1 is one of the five electric vehicle models that have been approved for government use since early this year. Chery and China BAK also plan to announce a long-term cooperation program in the electric vehicles industry.