dSPACE Library Speeds Simulink Circuit Model Simulation

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From Circuit Models to Real-Time Simulation – Fast and Easy

Key Elektro_RZ_6_beschnitten_MABX-II.tifEasy real-time simulation of power electronics circuits developed with SimPowerSystems

Thanks to the new dSPACE Power RealTime Library, it is now faster and easier to simulate circuit models that were developed in SimPowerSystems (MathWorks Simulink).

Two typical application areas are wind energy generators and electric drives in vehicles and aircraft.

The dSPACE Power RealTime Library provides mean value models of power electronics bridge circuits that precisely emulate the electrical characteristics of fast-switching power semiconductor devices.

Spansion Launches ARM-based MCUs

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Traveo™ family based on ARM® Cortex®-R5 core delivers advanced HMI, security and networking for automotive applications

Spansion Inc. announced a new family of microcontrollers targeted at automotive applications. The Spansion® Traveo™ microcontrollers are based on the ARM® Cortex®-R5 core and will deliver high performance, enhanced human-machine interfaces, high-security and advanced networking protocols tailored for automotive applications such as electrification, body electronics, battery management, automotive cluster displays, HVAC and ADAS.

Defining, Designing and Delivering Start-Stop System Benefits

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Frank Dehmelt

Mahmoud Harmouch

By Frank Dehmelt and Mahmoud Harmouch, Texas Instruments

This article describes what start-stop is and the prerequisites for an automotive start-stop system, including its implementation and benefits.

The fuel savings and CO2 reductions are in the five to 10 percent range. With fuel prices rising, taxes increasing for high carbon-oxide emissions, and governmental requirements for vehicles with lower and lower emissions, various measures are needed to increase efficiency and lower emissions.

Infineon power electronics packaging sets standard for high-current capability, efficiency

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Infineon Technologies AG has introduced an innovative package technology that provides high-current capability and high efficiency for demanding automotive electronics applications, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

The new TO package is compliant with JEDEC standard H-PSOF (Heatsink Plastic Small Outline Flat lead). The first available products using the H-PSOF package technology are 40V OptiMOS™ T2 power transistors offering up to 300A current capability and R DS(on) values of 0.76mΩ. Infineon describes those specifications as a new milestone.

Maxwell Technologies and ANSYS release ultracapacitor components library for Simplorer

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August 4, 2009 – ANSYS, Inc. said an ultracapacitor components library from Maxwell Technologies is  available at www.ansoft.com/modeldb/ for use in ANSYS Simplorer® technology. The components library, which includes the latest innovations for Maxwell BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules, makes it easier for automotive power engineers developing hybrid vehicles to use ultracapacitor energy-storage device models in their simulations.

John M. Miller, Maxwell Technologies vice president, systems, applications & integration, said his company selected Simplorer software based on the strength of its simulation capabilities, the IEEE standard modeling language for analog-mixed signal systems, and ANSYS’ focus on high-performance, multi-domain system simulation solutions.