GENIVI Alliance IVI platform development strategy requires competitors to cooperate

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The increasing complexity of cars has taught automakers the value of cooperating with competitors on technology that customers won’t see and don’t care about but would be prohibitively expensive for a single automaker to develop in-house.

Automakers and suppliers formed the GENIVI Alliance, for example, to create an open source (Linux-based) development platform for in-vehicle infotainment, facilitating competition at the human-machine interface (HMI) level. More than 120 companies are now involved in the effort, and the Alliance’s semiannual meeting in San Jose, California last month was its largest such event to date.

GENIVI Alliance launches compliance program

August 2, 2011 by  
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The GENIVI Alliance has launched a compliance program for its members, four of which have already signed on, as has the Linux Foundation.

Canonical, Mentor Graphics, MontaVista, and Wind River have had product offerings approved as GENIVI compliant, which allows them to qualify for requests for proposals that require GENIVI-compliant products.

“Jaguar Land Rover and other GENIVI member automotive OEMs are now specifying GENIVI compliance in their requests for proposals (RFPs) for future IVI systems,” said Matt Jones, Jaguar Land Rover Infotainment Lead and GENIVI vice president. “To respond to these RFPs, software suppliers need to have demonstrated that they can produce products and services that meet the GENIVI compliance requirements.”

Canonical joins the GENIVI Alliance, announces Ubuntu for in-vehicle infotainment

June 7, 2011 by  
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Canonical has joined The GENIVI Alliance, a non-profit industry alliance committed to driving the adoption of an open source In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) reference platform. Canonical has joined to bring its new IVI-focused products to GENIVI Alliance members and to announce its intention to build a new GENIVI-compliant Ubuntu IVI Remix.

The Ubuntu IVI Remix will be a specific version of the Ubuntu operating system based on a core set of Ubuntu technologies that will help IVI manufacturers to build specific devices for their customers. Ubuntu brings the ability to deliver rich Internet-connected experiences to the embedded market.