Cadillac to Introduce Advanced ‘Intelligent and Connected’ Vehicle Technologies on Select 2017 Models

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General Motors’ V2V technology has the potential to mitigate many traffic collisions by sending and receiving basic safety information such as location, speed and direction of travel, between vehicles that are approaching each other. It will provide useful warnings to drivers, like “Hard Braking Ahead.” (Photo by Rob Widdis for Cadillac)

Super Cruise and V2V slated for production in about two years

Cadillac will begin offering advanced “intelligent and connected” vehicle technologies on certain 2017 model year vehicles, General Motors CEO Mary Barra said Sunday during her keynote address at the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) World Congress in Detroit.

Visteon Introduces Industry-First Dual Compatible In-Vehicle Wireless Charging System for General Motors

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visteon 8-28-14 in-vehicle_wireless_charging

Visteon Corporation (NYSE: VC) is debuting its first-to-market wireless charging system with General Motors. The solution uses inductive coupling technology to support both wireless charging standards – Power Matters Alliance (PMA)/Powermat® and Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)/Qi.

Cadillac is featuring it on the 2015 ATS, and will add it to the CTS sports sedan this fall and to the Escalade SUV at the end of 2014.

Wireless charging gives vehicle occupants a convenient way to recharge their mobile device and eliminates the need for power cords. It addresses what a recent study conducted by the WPC found to be the biggest complaint of smartphone users: battery life.

Cadillac XTS and ATS get Preh climate control modules

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Preh is providing the ECU module for the climate control systems on the 2013 Cadillac XTS luxury sedan and the all-new Cadillac ATS luxury sport sedan. 

The Preh system comprises an electronic control unit (ECU) and software with the necessary control algorithms to achieve a comfortable in-cabin climate for the driver and passengers, both dual-zone automatic (XTS and ATS) and tri-zone automatic (XTS). The Preh electronic control units—produced in Preh’s Trofa, Portugal facility—will be delivered to GM’s assembly plants in Lansing, Mich. (ATS) and Oshawa, Canada (XTS).

GM commits to 4G LTE in cars

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Rollout begins in ’14 with AT&T in North America

Customers can use connected services without a smartphone

General Motors announced a global strategy to deliver a new generation of connected cars and trucks with embedded 4G LTE mobile broadband, the largest deployment in the automotive industry to date.

The built-in 4G LTE structure will be integrated into the vehicle’s electrical system and includes an external antenna to maximize coverage and connectivity. Customers will not be required to have a smartphone to use connected services.

Eaton supercharger boosts performance on Chery engines

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Eaton Corporation said its fuel-saving supercharger will debut in China on selected new engines on three vehicle models from the country’s leading independent automaker, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., the Chery 1.6S Tiggo, 1.3S A3, and Riich 1.3S G3. This Eaton supercharger application will be the first on a Chinese-produced vehicle.

“Eaton superchargers bring new opportunities to the growing Chinese automotive market because the technology allows automakers to use smaller engines that consume less fuel yet maintain a high level of performance,” said Frank Wang, general manager of Eaton’s Vehicle Group in China.

iSuppli sees booming telematics market in Western Europe

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Sales of automotive telematics systems in Western Europe are set to rise by a factor of five during the period from 2008 to 2016 as carmakers offer more telematics-equipped models in the region, according to iSuppli Corp. Western European telematics sales are expected to reach 24.8 million systems by 2016, expanding at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.5% from 4.9 million systems in 2008.

“Automotive telematics is defined as the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, allowing the sending and receiving of information,” said Anna Buettner, analyst for automotive electronics at iSuppli. “Telematics can provide a range of benefits to motorists, from notifying an emergency operator when a car’s airbags have been deployed, to reporting vehicle conditions to a remote monitoring center.”

OnStar set to launch in China

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Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co. Ltd., a joint venture between General Motors Company, SAIC Group and Shanghai General Motors (SGM), said that OnStar services will be activated and fully operational in China in December 2009.

OnStar will be exclusively available on select Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet vehicles. SGM will eventually make the service available on its full portfolio of products, beginning with Cadillac, then Buick and finally Chevrolet. SGM will provide one year of OnStar as standard to customers with OnStar equipped vehicles. The service will be available throughout mainland China and will be first launched in Mandarin Chinese.