BorgWarner Supplies Variable Cam Timing and Engine Timing Technologies for JLR I4 Engines

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borg warner 4-16-15 198920Reducing Friction; Improving Engine Efficiency

BorgWarner provides its variable cam timing (VCT) and engine timing systems for the new I4 engine family from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Based on a configurable and flexible architecture to improve manufacturing efficiency and calibration strategies, the engines deliver high performance, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

For reliable variable cam timing, BorgWarner’s compact torsional assist (TA) phaser technology actuates rapidly resulting in improved performance, while its latest chain and tensioner technologies deliver lower friction and improve wear resistance.

BorgWarner Provides Friction Technology for Volkswagen’s Hybrid Dual-Clutch Transmission in VW Golf, Audi A3 e-tron

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borgwarner 9-25-14
Wet Friction Technology Improves Performance, Fuel Economy and Shift Feel

BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA) supplies its high-performance wet friction technology for Volkswagen’s new hybrid DQ 400e dual-clutch transmission, launching in the 2014 Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 e-tron.

The new transmission for hybrid vehicles with transversely mounted engines employs three clutches (a dual-clutch module plus a disconnecting clutch) to smoothly connect and disconnect the electric engine from the drivetrain. For all three clutches, BorgWarner’s leading wet friction technology significantly improves shift performance and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) while improving fuel economy.

BorgWarner Produces Multi-Spark Ignition Coils for Daimler

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borg 7-16-14 MULTISPARKBorgWarner Emissions Systems is producing multi-spark ignition coils at its plant in Muggendorf, Germany, for Daimler’s six- and eight-cylinder engines.

With displacements between 3.5 and 5.5 liters and power ratings ranging from 249 to 549 HP (185 kW – 410 kW), these powerful engines are available in the Mercedes-Benz C-, E- and S-Classes.

Specially designed for gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engines running stratified combustion, BorgWarner’s compact multi-spark ignition coil technology enlarges the ignition zone for more controlled and optimized combustion, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

BorgWarner Supplies Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs for VW Diesel Engines

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borg 6-24-14 BORGWARNER_PSG

Cold-Start Technology Helps Reduce Emissions and Improve Fuel Economy

BorgWarner is supplying its Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG) for Volkswagen’s all new diesel engines starting with the 1.4-liter version and then adding the 1.6-and 2.0-liter versions later this year.

Based on the new modular diesel engine system (MDB), the fuel-efficient, low-emission engines offer power ratings ranging from 55 kW (74 HP) to 140 kW (188 HP) and have been selected to be installed in several vehicles from VW, Audi, Seat and Škoda to meet Euro 6 emissions standards.

BorgWarner Completes Acquisition of Gustav Wahler GmbH & Co. KG

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Global powertrain supplier BorgWarner finalized its acquisition of Gustav Wahler GmbH & Co. KG. A producer of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and tubes and engine thermostats for on- and off-road applications, Wahler’s customers include leading automotive manufacturers from around the world.

“The addition of Wahler complements our current EGR valve, cooler and tube technologies while expanding BorgWarner’s product portfolio to include thermostats,” said James R. Verrier, President and Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner.

BorgWarner Expands Michigan Powertrain Technical Center

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BorgWarner will expand its Powertrain Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan, to support programs in North America and supplement its global network of technical centers. The nearly 46,000-square-foot addition will include space for program managers, sales and engineering professionals. The expansion is expected to be complete in early 2015 and support up to 200 regular full-time jobs at the BorgWarner facility.

BorgWarner turbocharger powers Hyundai 1.6-liter Turbo-GDI engine

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BorgWarner's twin scroll turbocharging technology improves performance and fuel economy for Hyundai's new 1.6-liter gasoline direct injection engine. (PRNewsFoto/BorgWarner Inc.)

BorgWarner supplies turbocharging technology for Hyundai’s new 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engine.

Available in the U.S. for the Veloster Turbo passenger car, the turbocharged engine features a maximum output of 150 kW (204 HP), an increase of 46 percent compared with Hyundai’s standard 1.6-liter GDI engine.

“Combined with Hyundai’s direct-injection technology, BorgWarner’s turbo charging expertise helps achieve a fuel efficient and responsive engine for an exhilarating driving experience,” said BorgWarner president and general manager Frederic Lissalde. “We are very pleased to expand our successful relationship with Hyundai Motor Company through our supply of advanced turbo charging technology for gasoline engines.”

BorgWarner turbochargers power Mercedes diesel engines

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BorgWarner supplies its latest turbocharging technology for a new generation of medium-duty engines from Mercedes-Benz, the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to achieve Euro VI compliance for all of its medium- and heavy-duty engines.

Replacing the successful 900 series, the new OM 934 and OM 936 engines are available in different output variants and used in a wide range of on-highway applications such as medium-duty trucks and urban buses. Equipped with the latest B-series turbocharging technology for standard power outputs and an award-winning regulated two-stage (R2S®) turbocharger for top outputs, BorgWarner’s advanced technology helps the engine significantly reduce emissions while improving performance and fuel economy. In addition, BorgWarner also supplies its advanced fans and fan drives for this new engine series.

BorgWarner supplies R2S® turbocharging technology for VW 2.0-liter diesel engine

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BorgWarner’s regulated two-stage (R2S®) turbocharging technology boosts the performance and helps lower emissions for the 2.0-liter four-cylinder common-rail diesel engine featured in Volkswagen’s 180 HP (132 kW) Transporter T5 and new 163 HP (120 kW) Amarok pickup. Both versions of the engine comply with Euro 5 emission standards and deliver a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1,500 rpm, giving the engine impressive pulling power. The engine technology achieves fuel consumption of 31 mpg.

Engineers from BorgWarner used two series-connected turbochargers to deliver continuously high boost pressure over the entire engine speed range with excellent torque characteristics, ensuring an exceptionally dynamic response. The R2S technology helps the new engine achieve a power-to-displacement ratio of 66 kW per liter.

BorgWarner engine timing systems drive Fiat Powertrain Technologies’ two-cylinder TWIN-AIR engines

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BorgWarner will produce engine timing systems for Fiat Powertrain Technologies’ (FPT) new two-cylinder TWIN-AIR engine, including the 65-horsepower naturally aspirated, and the 85- and 105-horsepower turbocharged variants.

The only two-cylinder car engine available in Europe, the new TWIN-AIR engine achieves the lowest emissions for a gasoline-powered car, emitting just 95g/km of CO2. Due in part to its small size, low-weight and low-friction design, the new engine increases fuel economy 12 percent compared with FPT’s 1.2-liter engine and delivers up to 25 percent higher horsepower in its 85-horsepower version. Debuting in the Fiat 500 this fall, the engine is expected to be available in several other small car models.
“BorgWarner’s engine timing system delivers a combination of low weight, low friction and low noise in a compact package, making it ideally suited for FPT’s groundbreaking engine technology,” said James Verrier, president and general manager, BorgWarner Morse TEC. Initially powered by gasoline or compressed natural gas, the two-cylinder TWIN-AIR engine also has the potential for hybrid applications with start/stop technologies.

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