Vishay Intertechnology IHLP® Inductor in 5050 Case Size Delivers High-Temperature Operation to +180 °C

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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) introduced a new Automotive Grade IHLP® low-profile, high-current inductor in the 5050 case size featuring a +180 °C continuous operating temperature rating for under-the-hood applications. Offering a low 6.4 mm profile, the Vishay Dale IHLP-5050FD-8A provides a wide range of inductance values from 0.22 µH to 22 µH.

With a frequency range up to 2 MHz for energy storage inductors in DC/DC converters and up to the inductor’s SRF for filter applications, the device released today exceeds AEC-Q200 requirements to provide a high-performing, space- and power-saving solution for DC/DC converters and high-current noise filters in high-temperature automotive systems. Applications include engine and transmission control units, diesel injection drivers, noise suppression for motors, windshield wipers, HID and LED lighting, heating and ventilation blowers, and other applications in which high-temperature operation is required.

Linear Technology 60V, 7A Step-Down µModule Regulator for Driving LEDs, Supercaps, Lasers and Peltiers

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Linear 3-21-16

60V, 7A Step-Down µModule Regulator

Linear Technology introduced the LTM8064, a step-down DC/DC µModule® (power module) regulator with a 6V to 58V (60Vmax) input voltage range and adjustable load current control with ±10% accuracy at 7A.

The LTM8064 can be used as a point-of-load step-down regulator operating from 24V, 36V and 48V voltage rails used in communication infrastructure, high end computers, test equipment, automotive, avionics and a wide variety of industrial equipment.

TI NFC Transponder Is AEC-Q100 Qualified

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ti 12-2-15 292568Automotive-qualified dynamic dual interface NFC transponder enables perceptive one-tap pairing, personalization and service interface

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) announced what it said is the first dynamic dual interface NFC transponder with Q100 automotive qualification.

The RF430CL330H-Q1 transponder enables simple secure pairing (SSP) using the Out of Band (OOB) association model for Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi® between an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and an automotive infotainment system.

The device helps developers pair and connect or execute NFC-enabled Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) with one tap to configure specific driver settings when entering the car, eliminating complicated manual procedures.

Cadence® Tensilica® Vision P5 DSP Boosts Performance by 13X, Requires 5X Less Energy

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cadence 10-6-15 Image 1 - Tensilica Vision P5 Block DiagramCadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS)  announced the new Cadence® Tensilica® Vision P5 digital signal processor (DSP), its flagship high-performance vision/imaging DSP core.

The imaging and vision DSP core offers up to 13X performance boost, with an average of 5X less energy usage on vision tasks compared to the previous generation IVP-EP imaging and video DSP.

The Tensilica Vision P5 DSP is built for applications requiring ultra-high memory and operation parallelism to support complex vision processing at high resolution and high frame rates. As such, it is ideal for off-loading vision and imaging functions from the main CPU to increase throughput and reduce power.

Micronas Dual-Die Hall Sensors Combine Multidimensional Measurement with In-Package Redundancy

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Micronas announced the extension of its direct-angle Hall-effect sensor family HAL 37xy with its dual-die variant HAR 37xy. It integrates two fully automotive-qualified silicon dies in a single SOIC8 package for high-precision direct-angle and linear position measurements for the most demanding automotive and industrial application

HAR 37xy sensors follow the trend of enabling true redundancy within a small package to support safety-critical automotive applications according to ISO 26262 rules.

Microchip to Acquire Micrel

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Microchip Technology and Micrel (NASDAQ: MCRL) announced that Microchip has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Micrel for $14.00 per share.

The acquisition price represents a total equity value of about $839 million, and a total enterprise value of about $744 million.

“Micrel’s portfolio of Linear and Power Management products, LAN solutions and Timing and Communications products, as well as their strong position in the Industrial, Automotive and Communications markets, complement many of Microchip’s initiatives in these areas,” said Microchip President and CEO Steve Sanghi.

Converter or Controller: 11 Decision Points You Don’t Want to Miss!

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By Ashish Khandelwal, Analog Design Lead and
Ankur Verma, Applications Engineer
Automotive Solutions, Texas Instruments


Ironically, more choices are not always good as this can lead to a wavering state. Similarly, selecting between a controller and converter is tough, especially when there are so many choices with which to design your application. However, just like any decision, the selection can be made easier if given a framework upon which to base this choice. Before going into depth with a step-by-step framework, first we need to understand what a converter or a controller means in the world of power electronics.

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Fairchild Accelerates Electric Vehicle Design with Auto Qualified SuperFET II MOSFETs & High Voltage Rectifiers

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fairchild 4-1-15 Auto_SuperFET_II_MOSFETs_High_V_Rectifiers_FINAL_webreadyFairchild (NASDAQ: FCS) introduced new automotive qualified SuperFET® II MOSFET and High Voltage Rectifier product families, both of which enable cleaner and smarter vehicles overall and are ideal for increasing the power ratings of onboard chargers and DC-to-DC converters used in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

“A chief goal for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers is keeping on-board battery chargers and DC-DC converters as light and small as possible while increasing power levels,” said Fabio Necco, Director, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Segment at Fairchild.

IAR Systems Shortens Build Times for ARM-Based Devices

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IARIAR Embedded Workbench for ARM Adds Device Support Plus Parallel Build and Integrated Static Code Analysis

IAR Systems has updated its development tools for ARM® with new device support as well as new functionality. Version 7.40 of IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM introduces support for ARM Cortex®-M7 microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics and Atmel. In addition, the tools now feature parallel build for shorter build times, as well as an integration of IAR Systems’ new tool C-STAT® for powerful static code analysis.

The ARM Cortex-M7 processor is the most recent addition to the ARM Cortex-M family. It is focused on energy efficiency and high performance and is intended for use in a wide variety of applications including automotive.

QNX Hypervisor Enables Cost-Effective, Consolidated Embedded Systems

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Enabling Critical and Non-Critical Applications to Run on a Single Hardware Platform.

QNX Software Systems announced the QNX® Hypervisor 1.0, a real-time Type 1 hypervisor for medical devices, industrial automation systems, and automotive applications such as car infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and digital instrument clusters.

By using the QNX Hypervisor, embedded system developers can consolidate multiple operating systems onto a single compute platform or system-on-chip (SoC), thereby reducing the cost, size, weight, and power consumption of their products.

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