Audi to Offer AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan for Audi Connect in 2015 A3, S3, Q3 Models

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Audi of America and AT&T will provide owners of 2015 A3, S3 and Q3 models equipped with Audi connect® the option of adding their connected cars to an AT&T Mobile Share Value(SM) data plan, starting Oct. 1.

With a Mobile Share Value Plan, customers can purchase a monthly allotment of data to share among their connected devices, including the all-new Audi premium compact and crossover models equipped with Audi connect. The access charge is $10 a month to add a vehicle to a Mobile Share Value plan, which is the same price that AT&T charges to add a tablet to an existing plan.

Tablets Can Bring New Life to In-car Rear-seat Entertainment

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OEM rear-seat entertainment shipments have only reached an estimated 2.9 million in 2014. Furthermore, aftermarket devices have not fared too well either; shipments in 2014 are estimated to be 3.5 million globally. However, there is hope that this stagnant market will prosper once more in the form of bring your own device (BYOD) i.e. tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and other portable media players. Consumers have moved on from DVD and Blu-ray players and therefore so too must rear-seat entertainment.

Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory Leverages Car, Cloud and Mobile Devices

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Researchers at Volkswagen Group’s Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) are developing intuitive forms of communications between driver, car and the external environment. The researchers are leveraging three elements crucial for connected driving—the car, mobile devices and cloud.

“The end-to-end user experience is the key success factor to providing more connected intelligence services to our customers,” said Chuhee Lee, Deputy Director, Volkswagen Group of America, Electronics Research Laboratory. “This means being in touch with customers in and out of the car using cloud and connected devices, and ultimately designing a vehicle capable of learning, predicting, and adapting to drivers’ needs and wishes.”

Continental’s Control Unit for Audi 7-speed S tronic Dual Clutch Transmission Meets ASIL D Requirements

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The control unit developed by Continental for the new generation of the Audi 7-speed S tronic dual clutch transmission marks a new milestone.

“The challenges we faced in this new control unit included packing far more functionalities into less space while, at the same time, ensuring that the control unit supports the outstanding fuel efficiency of this transmission, the dynamic performance it enables, and its fast shifting,” said Rudolf Stark, Head of the Transmission Business Unit within Continental’s Powertrain Division.

ABI Predicts Over 24M Cars Will Have CarPlay in 2019

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Earlier this year, several car OEMs announced that they would be releasing new cars installed with CarPlay capabilities, including Ford, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar/Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, and Volvo, with many others sure to follow.

In fact, quite a storm is brewing in the car industry. With Apple on the scene, ABI Research asks what are the wider implications for the automotive industry and for drivers in the future?

HELLA Develops Matrix LED Headlamp System With Audi

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HELLA has developed what it said is an industry-first headlamp system that automatically adjusts high-beam light patterns for other traffic and pedestrians.

Recently introduced on the Audi A8 in Europe, HELLA’s Matrix LED headlamp system uses camera-based technology to create glare-fee “tunnels” in front of a vehicle. The system allows car owners to continually use their high beams without fear of blinding other drivers.

All Eyes on Smarter Vision

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by Mike Santarini, Publisher, Xcell Journal

Xilinx, Inc.



If you have seen a demonstration of Audi’s Automated Parking technology in which the car autonomously finds a parking spot and parks itself without a driver—or if you have played an Xbox 360 game with its Kinect controller or even just bitten into a flawless piece of fruit from your local grocery store—then you can count yourself as an eyewitness to the dawning of the era of smarter vision systems.

MOST Cooperation, Audi and Daimler Value Data Link Layer Availability

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The MOST® Cooperation (MOSTCO), the standardization organization for the Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) automotive multimedia network technology, welcomes Microchip Technology’s decision last November to make its MOST150 Data Link Layer Specification available for license on a royalty-bearing basis.

Audi and Daimler also appreciate the availability of MOST150 Data Link Layer intellectual property.

“In October 2007, SMSC and Harman/Becker started opening the data link layer by announcing that a detailed Data Link Layer specification for the first generation, MOST25, had been made available and could be requested,” said MOST Cooperation Administrator Rainer Klos. “MOSTCO very much appreciates that Microchip is now continuing this process by giving other semiconductor companies the opportunity to develop, manufacture and supply chips with a MOST150 interface.”

NXP Mantis CAN Transceivers Approved by Volkswagen for Chokeless Use

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NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that Volkswagen has approved NXP Mantis™ CAN transceivers for use in Volkswagen vehicles without a common-mode choke, enabling significant system cost savings in applications.

With increasing functions being introduced into the car, the performance of a modern in-vehicle network becomes increasingly critical to the vehicle’s safe and reliable operation. Electromagnetic emission and immunity against electromagnetic interference are among the critical parameters that must be controlled.

Automotive manufacturers define strict specifications that all transceivers must adhere to before being approved for use in the vehicle. Traditionally, a common-mode choke has been required to reach the performance limits in the application, creating an additional cost of approximately 10-15 cents (USD) per module.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Visual Processor Features Quad-Core CPU, 192-Core GPU

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NVIDIA said its new Tegra® K1 mobile processor features a quad-core CPU and a 192-core GPU, uses the energy-efficient NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture, and runs automotive applications that had previously not been possible with such low power consumption.

Parallel Computing Platform

The Tegra K1 is also the first mobile processor to support CUDA®, the parallel computing platform at the heart of modern computer vision. In its automotive-grade form, the chip is hardened to withstand a wider range of temperatures and withstand harsher operating conditions.

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