Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A and 602A Processors Support New Google Android Platform

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., is working with Google on an initiative bringing the power of Android OS embedded directly into the car.

The initiative aims to help car makers create powerful infotainment systems using Android as a common platform, making it easier to add connected services and applications while delivering a safer and more intuitive driving experience. The goal is to accelerate innovation in the car with an approach that offers openness, customization, and scale.

TI DRA71x Jacinto 6 Entry Processor Enables High-Quality Display Audio for Entry-Level Infotainment

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Scalable auto infotainment solutions save development time and cost; extend the “Jacinto 6” family for next generation entry-level and display audio products

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) announced the addition of an entry infotainment processor for display audio, radio/audio and other cost-sensitive in-vehicle segments to the “Jacinto 6” family of System-on-Chips (SoCs). The new DRA71x processor, “Jacinto 6 Entry,” is developed on the same architecture as other “Jacinto 6” devices, enabling automotive manufacturers to scale their investment without additional R&D or significant bill of material (BOM) increases to deliver a diverse portfolio of products with hardware and software compatibility. The scalable performance within DRA71x allows developers to target specific performance for their applications and leverage headroom using higher performance variants, if required, without software modifications or hardware changes.

Autonomous Cars? Not (Quite) So Fast

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Scott Frank

Scott Frank

An interview with Scott Frank, Airbiquity Vice President of Marketing

Q: When do you think the first truly autonomous vehicle will reach a dealer showroom?

A: In early 2014 when autonomous cars began to receive widespread media attention 2020 was most cited as the year we’d see them come to fruition. Airbiquity always felt 2020 was overly ambitious for two reasons – both of which have to do with the lead-time necessary to accomplish something of this magnitude while maintaining the necessary safety and integration standards.

Will My Car be Hacker Proof?

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adacore-robert_dewarBy Robert B. K. Dewar
Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, New York University
President, AdaCore

In February last year I asked the question “Will My Car be Safe to Drive?” where I worried that the safety-critical software aboard new cars (there is lots and lots of it) might not be reliable. Well I am still concerned about that, but now I have a new worry. Never mind bugs, what about hackers trying to sabotage this complex software aboard?

Rear View Safety Introduces a Wireless Sensor System for Large Trucks and Haulers

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Rear View Safety RVS-114-3
Rear View Safety introduced the RVS-114, a commercial grade wireless sensor system designed for both large trucks and haulers.

Four different sensors mounted to the rear of the vehicle keep the driver informed at all times about exactly what is going on behind.

The sensors connect to a waterproof control box that connects via wireless technology to a display placed on the front of the vehicle. The control box can be mounded inside or outside the vehicle.

fliCharge USB PowerDisc Allows In-Vehicle Charging of Tablets as well as Smartphones and Other Devices

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flicharge Power discfliCharge International Ltd. (fliCharge), which developed the wireless smartphone charging technology used in vehicles from Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota, has introduced a USB Auto-Detect PowerDisc for charging iPads, tablets, smartphones and a wide variety of other devices.

The patented fliCharge wire-free conductive charging technology is cost effective and safe, and has industry-leading charging efficiencies of over 95%, according to the company.

The technology can simultaneously charge multiple devices on the same charging pad, regardless of their power requirements or position on the pad. According to fliCharge, its technology is the only interoperable wire-free charging solution that can simultaneously charge multiple devices on the same charging pad regardless of their power requirement or position on the pad.

Symphony Teleca Accelerates Android Auto™ Deployments

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symphony teleca logoAt International CES 2015, Symphony Teleca announced that it will provide a solution to accelerate deployment of optimized Android Auto in the vehicle.

Symphony Teleca will provide its pre-Integrated Android Auto solution for multiple Automotive In-Vehicle-Infotainment platforms covering Android, Microsoft Windows and various flavors of the Linux operating system. The solution supports leading System-on-Chips (SoCs) including TI’s “Jacinto 6” family of automotive processors.

The solution accelerator is said to feature a deep platform integration to support clean audio/video focus handling between various sources, and smooth transition between native and projected mode HMI. According to the company, it will help SoC Suppliers, Tier1s and OEMs to bring optimized Android Auto implementations to market faster. Symphony Teleca can provide testing services to run the Projection Compatibility Test Suite to accelerate production certification from Google.

Hyundai Debuts Blue Link Smartwatch App at CES

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hyundai 297410Starting early in 2015 Hyundai owners will be able to connect with their cars using wearable devices and the Hyundai Blue Link® smartwatch app.

Hyundai will debut and demonstrate the Blue Link smartwatch app at Pepcom’s Digital Experience on January 5 and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) January 6-9.

Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link platform allows features like remote start and service information to be quickly accessed through devices like smartwatches and smartphones. Hyundai partnered with Station Digital Media to develop the Blue Link smartwatch app.

Signal Processing In New TI Jacinto 6 Infotainment Processors Enables Digital Cockpit Integration

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At the SAE Convergence conference, Texas Instruments (TI) added two new Jacinto 6 infotainment processors – Jacinto 6 EP and Jacinto 6 Ex, alternatively designated DRA75x.

The new processors incorporate signal processing functionality allowing automakers to augment infotainment and also pair informational advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) features. With that combination, automakers can build cars with digital cockpit integration as well as traditional infotainment features without compromising performance.

The new processors were developed on the same architecture as other “Jacinto” devices, so customers can deliver a diverse portfolio of products with hardware and software compatibility, without significant increases in research and development or BOM (bill-of-materials).

Ford, Tweddle Launch Interactive Mustang App

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ford tweddle cq5dam.web.480.480
Ford and Tweddle have launched a new full-featured interactive smartphone application for owners and enthusiasts of the all-new Ford Mustang.

The Mustang Owner app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and provides Mustang owners with detailed information about the car’s features and capabilities.

Making use of an augmented reality feature, app users will be able to scan various interior and exterior shots of the new Ford Mustang to learn more about the function of components and other details.

Content within the app is searchable to make relevant information easy to access. There are Mustang trivia, wallpapers and ringtones, as well as links for accessories, apparel and social media websites.

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