Frost & Sullivan: Possible End of the Road for Dedicated Devices? – Google’s Free Application is here!

November 24, 2009 by  
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By Aswin Kumar R, Senior Research Analyst and Praveen Chandrasekhar, Global Program Manager, Automotive and Transportation

Navigation on a mobile phone is fast challenging the traditional user experience from a PND or embedded device. Google’s beta stage free Google Maps Navigation bundled with its Android 2.0 operating system (OS) has made many traditional navigation device manufacturers and map makers sit up and rethink their strategies. Google Maps Navigation packs the extra punch to the existing Google Maps application by offering voice-enabled turn-by-turn navigation, street view and three-dimensional views without any cost or advertisements, exclusive for the Android consumer (for now). And with the Motorola Droid as the first phone to host this feature, this new experience could create several waves in this market.