STMicro Start/Stop-Compatible Amplifier

October 7, 2013  by  

STMicroelectronics’ TDA7802 automotive start/stop-compatible audio power amplifier is said to combine the performance and cost benefits of a digital input with the simplicity and enhanced efficiency of analog class SB-I amplification. It’s the first such device available for use in start/stop applications, according to the company.

The TDA7802 extends ST’s family of ‘green power’ products specially designed to support advanced technologies for cleaner cars, such as start/stop (micro-hybrid), which reduces emissions by cutting the engine instead of idling.

The TDA7802 operates seamlessly even when its supply voltage drops as the engine restarts. Its digital input connects directly to a digital sound processor, saving digital/analog converter and low-pass filter components. This approach reduces application size and cost, while ensuring clearer sound and improving coexistence with other equipment such as mobile phones.

The class SB-I (SB-Improved) analog amplifier can reach 50% lower heat dissipation than a class AB analog amplifier, allowing smaller heatsinks or extra functionality in the head unit within the same thermal budget. The outstanding thermal performance makes the TDA7802 an easy and valuable alternative when a class D solution cannot be used.

The TDA7802 delivers 4x50W into 4Ω speakers and will drive loads as low as 1Ω. It has outstanding noise performance, achieving SNR of 115dB, and over 110dB dynamic range. Built-in diagnostics protect against short-circuit failures or speaker disconnection.

The TDA7802 is available immediately in PowerSO36 or Flexiwatt27 through-hole/surface-mount packages, from $7.00 for orders over 1000 units. For further information visit

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