Spansion 65 nm NOR Flash devices offer faster read performance, faster programming, smaller package

February 17, 2011  by  


Spansion Inc. has expanded its GL-S family of 65 nm Mirrorbit parallel NOR Flash memory devices for automotive and other applications to include densities from 128Mb to 1Gb (128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb). The firm introduced 2Gb GL-S devices last fall. The new devices are sampling now and are planned for production by mid-2011.

Ajay Bhatia, Spansion’s director of product marketing, said the GL-S family now includes densities that target applications across all embedded market segments. The devices feature 45% faster page-mode read performance and 30% faster programmability than devices currently available from competitors. At 9mm x 9mm the new devices are 40% smaller than Spansion legacy devices, but they are housed in industry-standard 56-pin TSOP and 64-ball FBGA packages.

Bhatia said faster read performance benefits automotive applications such as infotainment and navigation where users increasingly expect a near-immediate response. Faster programming improves productivity in manufacturing.

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