Sony aftermarket head units support MirrorLink™ smartphone connectivity

August 15, 2012  by  


Two new Sony aftermarket head units, XAV-601BT and XAV-701HD, are the first MirrorLink™-certified products available in US stores. The products were recently launched in Europe.

MirrorLink, a technology standard for safe control of smartphones in cars, was developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), which now includes more than 70 member firms (

“As more people view their smartphones as primary hubs for communications and entertainment, it’s critical we enable their car infotainment systems to support and enhance the smartphone features and services they use most,” said Taka Noguchi, business manager for the Mobile Electronics division of Sony Electronics Inc. “MirrorLink is ideal for this purpose because it allows communication between the two systems and enables the creation of applications that conform to auto industry guidelines for safe driving.”

“As more and more (Mirrorlink) certified products reach the market, consumers will quickly come to enjoy and rely on MirrorLink to solve what is otherwise an asynchronous, jarring and disorganized connected driving experience,” said CCC chairman and president Mika Rytkonen. “Furthermore, consumers will recognize MirrorLink’s power to personalize the vehicle infotainment environment.”

Sony’s XAV-601BT and XAV-701HD offer detachable double DIN 6.1-inch or 7-inch WVGA touch screens, dual USB inputs, passenger app control, dynamic color illuminators, advanced sound engines with EQ7, and digital clarity tuners with RDS.

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