Renesas introduces 4th-generation V850 MCUs

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74 devices for automotive body, dashboard, chassis and safety applications

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced the development of its 4th-generation (X4 generation) V850 series of microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive applications. The V850 consists of four product series: the P-series for chassis and safety applications; D-series for dashboard applications; F-series for body applications; and S-series for car audio systems. Mass production is scheduled to begin in Q2 FY2011.

The MCUs are based on a 90 nanometer (nm) MONOS (metal-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon) flash technology and uses the 32-bit V850E2 CPU core which has a performance ratio of 2.5 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone MIPS [million instructions per second] per megahertz) and covers a performance range from 48MHz (120MIPS), to 80MHz (200MIPS) and up to 160MHz (400MIPS).

Each product series is scalable in memory sizes, peripherals, pin counts and performance, and provides full software and hardware compatibility within each product series. Software re-usability is assured across the four product series by maintaining the same register location for each peripheral.

Fully verified AUTOSAR V3.0/3.1 MCAL software drivers are available for all 4th-generation MCUs. Renesas’ MCAL software drivers can be obtained as a stand-alone software package or integrated in a complete basic software stack in cooperation with partner companies.

To comply the AUTOSAR requirements, system protection functionality (SPF) has been implemented in the X4-generation MCUs. The SPF includes a memory protection unit (MPU), peripheral register protection unit (PPU), system register protection (SRP), and a timing supervision unit (TSU) that monitors the execution time of the CPU.

P-series: V850E2/Px4 MCU family for functional safety applications

Renesas’ P-series targets applications with the highest functional safety requirements (ASIL D/SIL3), such as electrical power steering, motor control for electric vehicles, hybrid cars, battery management, and integrated safety systems. The V850E2/Px4 portfolio includes nine MCUs with built-in flash memory ranging from 384 kilobytes (KB) to 1 megabyte (MB) assembled in packages with 80 to 144 pins.

Compliance to functional safety standards IEC61508 and ISO26262 for the P-series MCUs has been analyzed in the course of several safety assessments conducted by TÜV Süd to prove SIL 3 and ASIL D conformance.

P-series MCUs have on-chip diagnostic capabilities, including a redundant CPU subsystem with a compare unit, built-in self tests for logic and memory, and error check and correct (ECC) protection for all on-chip memory. The diagnostics eliminate the need for additional monitoring software and/or monitoring MCU for a significant reduction of the electronic control unit (ECU) development time and cost.

D-series: V850E2/Dx4 MCU Family for Dashboard Applications

The V850E2/Dx4 MCU family for dashboard applications includes 11 MCUs that meet the increasing trend of color TFT LCDs (thin-film transistor liquid-crystal displays) in the cockpit by enhancing traditional cluster control functions with highly sophisticated graphics features, such as drawing engines and on-chip video RAM.

D-series MCUs help to reduce system costs of color graphics dashboards. For hybrid cluster instruments that combine traditional gauges with color TFT LCDs up to WVGA, all necessary functions are incorporated, such as gauge control, flash memory, video RAM up to 8 MB, 2D drawing engines, display/timing controllers, and video capture. For virtual dashboards, the V850E2/DR4-3D MCU includes a 3D drawing engine, DDR 3 (double data rate 3) RAM interface with bandwidth up to 4.3 gigabytes per second (GB/s), and on-chip flash memory.

As a successor to Renesas’ V850E/Dx3 MCUs, the X4-generation D-series MCUs offer high scalability with derivatives ranging from 256KB to 3MB of flash memory at CPU frequencies between 40 to 120 MHz. For the dedicated V850E2/DR4-3D graphics device with up to 400 MHz, the dashboard-specific intelligent peripherals reduce CPU load and include functions such as an intelligent stepper motor unit, sound playback, and an LCD segment controller. Communication interfaces allow the use of information from various sources, for example via Flexray™, MOST or Ethernet.

F-series: V850E2/Fx4 MCU Family for Body Applications

Renesas Electronics developed V850E2/Fx4 MCUs, which includes 54 devices, for body applications to cover the wide application range of the automotive comfort and body segment. The series offers scalability and compatibility within F-series MCUs, as well as sophisticated peripheral functionality.  Applications include roof or window lifters; door, seat and light modules; HVAC; body control modules (BCM); and a high-end gateway.

As successor of the well-known V850ES/Fx3 MCUs, the V850E2/Fx4 MCUs incorporate CPU clocks ranging from 48 MHz up to 160 MHz, and flash memory from 256 KB up to 4 MB assembled in packages with pin counts ranging from 64 to 256. An enhanced peripheral set is implemented, including FlexRay, Ethernet, MOST, PWM generation/diagnosis, a voltage comparator with hysteresis, and a LIN master.

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