RealVNC selects 7Layers as its MirrorLink™ partner

May 31, 2013  by  


Remote access software provider RealVNC selected 7layers, an international group of engineering & test centers, as its preferred partner for the testing and certification of RealVNC’s VNC Automotive technology in accordance with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standards.

7Layers, an Authorized Test Lab, supported RealVNC throughout the certification process, which included MirrorLink™ conformance and interoperability testing to validate that VNC Automotive meets with the CCC’s commitment to providing users with a safe and seamless experience of smartphone use in vehicles.

VNC Automotive – MirrorLink certified

VNC Automotive, now a MirrorLink Certified™ product, allows access and control of a mobile device from a vehicle head unit or infotainment system. This gives drivers access to all their smartphone content, such as navigation applications, music libraries and internet radio stations, whilst on the move. The mobile device can be directly controlled from the infotainment system touch screen, vehicle bezel keys, steering wheel switches and by voice command, ensuring all content can be accessed safely.

7Layers has five Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) authorized test laboratories that offer MirrorLink™ certification, located in the USA, Germany, Korea, China and Japan.


Automotive Systems Company, a division of Panasonic Corporation, integrated VNC® Automotive technology into Panasonic’s Display-Audio infotainment system to enable the screen of a smartphone to be replicated and controlled from the touchscreen display on the vehicle head unit. This provides drivers and passengers with seamless access to smartphone content such as maps, music and Internet radio.

Panasonic’s Display-Audio system, has been adopted by an automotive manufacturer and is currently available to drivers as a dealer option.

Access to smartphone content and apps

“The smartphone is the content hub of this generation and users want access to their content and applications wherever they are, including in vehicle. We faced the challenge of meeting these needs in a way that was safe but where the experience was seamless,” said Kenki Matsuda, Manager, Automotive Systems Company, a division of Panasonic Corporation. “RealVNC offers the most robust and advanced solution for connecting smartphone and vehicle with its VNC Automotive solution, whilst also providing MirrorLink support. Our Display-Audio infotainment system has been available in vehicles since last year enabling drivers to access the applications on their smartphones safely from the head unit.”

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