PlugVolt Battery Seminar

August 12, 2013  by  


PlugVolt will host a Battery Seminar August 13-14 at Intertek in Plymouth, Michigan. For information or to register, visit

The seminar will include speakers and subject matter experts from firms and institutions including  Johnson Controls, Navigant Research, LG Chem, Chrysler, A123 Systems, Wayne State University, Intertek, Clean Energy Trust, and NextEnergy.

Typical cycle life aspects of designing and manufacturing energy storage solutions will be reviewed from an applications perspective, including electrical and mechanical designing for energy vs. power cells.

Topics will cover several existing battery chemistries, including NiMH and Li Ion and their application to xEVs, along with recent advances in some lithium ion technologies, challenges faced in bringing these batteries to a high volume production, and any specific performance requirements driven by such applications.

The seminar includes discussions on stationary storage applications and electric drive vehicles (EDVs), covering micro, mild, full/strong and plug-in HEVs as well as pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

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