OmniVision Image Sensor Combines HDR, Low-Light Sensitivity

January 6, 2014  by  


Targeting advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), OmniVision Technologies Inc. launched the single-chip OV10626 AutoVision sensor, which is said to combine exceptional high dynamic range (HDR) while maintaining excellent low-light sensitivity.

The OV10626 supports both NTSC analog and digital outputs as well as dual dynamic overlay functions. The sensor’s color HDR of up to 120 dB and low-light sensitivity of 15 V/Lux-sec ensure that clear, high-quality images are captured, even in extremely challenging lighting conditions.

“This unique system-on-a-chip solution gives OmniVision a quantum leap forward in automotive imaging,” said Inayat Khajasha, senior product marketing manager for automotive products at OmniVision. “Conventionally, HDR and high sensitivity have been mutually exclusive in automotive imaging. With the OV10626, however, we now offer both features in a compact, single-chip solution.”

The OV10626 is packaged in OmniVision’s proprietary AutoVision chip-scale package (aCSP™).

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