New Electronics Features In ANSYS 15.0

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ANSYS Inc. said that upgrades to ANSYS® 15.0 for electronics include advanced solver and meshing technology and automated workflows for high-performance electronics design.  ANSYS 15.0 also includes new multiphysics analysis for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) for electromechanical devices.

For high-frequency electromagnetics, advanced phi meshing for 3D electrical CAD/layout is optimized for meshing silicon substrates,redistribution layers, electronic packages, and printed circuit boards and advances the ANSYS HFSS™ 3D electrical layout design.

Customized Environment

This customized environment automates the process of preparing electrical layout data of printed circuit board (PCB), electronic packages and custom integrated circuits for analysis using HFSS. The Phi meshing technology augments this design flow by creating initial 3D meshes up to 30 times faster than previous releases while increasing capacity and reliability of meshing very complex ECAD geometry.

In ANSYS 15.0, users now have an option to choose curvilinear element types that deliver high accuracy for simulating models with curved and/or blended surfaces for HFSS-IE.The addition of curvilinear elements enables more accurate and efficient solution for radar cross section and antenna placement problems consisting of blended surfaces.

A new product, SIWave-DC, targets the DC analysis of low-voltage, high-current PCB and IC packages and allows critical end-to-end voltage margins to be assessed to ensure reliable power delivery. 

SIwave-DC quickly identifies areas of excess current density and thermal hot spots to reduce risk of field failure. SIwave-DC is the first product to be released in an ongoing development project to deliver complete signal integrity and power integrity solutions.  Additional products will be released with ANSYS 15.1 in early 2014.

A new multiphysics work flow that couples ANSYS Maxwell® with ANSYS Mechanical™ allows electromagnetic force calculated by Maxwell to ANSYS Mechanical’s Structural Dynamic solver to evaluate the frequency spectrum of displacements and further compute the Acoustic Field.

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