Mentor Graphics Capital Harness TVM Speeds accurate wire harness quotes

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New software automatically generates detailed harness manufacturing process and cost data  specific to each harness design, each factory, and each company’s cost models

Keeps wire harness manufacturers competitive

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced availability of Capital Harness™ TVM, the newest tool in Mentor Graphics’ Capital® software suite.

Capital Harness TVM automatically generates detailed harness manufacturing process and cost data that is specific to each harness design, each factory, and each company’s cost models. It adds rapid, accurate harness manufacturing process modeling and cost calculation capabilities to the Capital “Define-Design-Build-Service” flow.

Rick Burns, Mentor Graphics product line director, System Integration and Harnessing, said Capital Harness TVM addresses a critical business dynamic for wire harness suppliers: how to respond rapidly to requests for quotation.

Accommodates design changes

Rapid and accurate responses are needed to win new business and to accommodate design changes, especially because wire harness manufacturing is a highly competitive, cost-sensitive and typically low-margin business.

Capital Harness TVM allows manufacturers to produce accurate quotes in seconds that would take days or weeks if calculated manually. It provides highly detailed manufacturing cost data and also supports process choice and sourcing decisions, thus delivering total value management. It also supports “what-if” calculations, assessing the pros and cons of deploying different machines and different factories, among other variables.

Capital Harness TVM is a native Capital application, part of the Capital tool suite, an electrical system and wire harness design environment for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

Acts directly on design data

Capital Harness TVM can act directly on design data generated by other Capital tools but can also read data in several standard formats, including the emerging KBL standard. It can be implemented either as part of an extended Capital flow or stand-alone; data can also be received from the Mentor® mid-market VeSys® product, or from other industry tools.

Jeremy Tibbett, director of engineering – LEONI Region Americas, commented, “Accurate, fast and repeatable cost calculations are a key to any harness manufacturer’s competitive capability. Capital Harness TVM not only helps harness manufacturers win business profitably, it is also a platform for other activities such as value engineering and process optimization. I am particularly impressed that Mentor Graphics has created a standard product that is, nevertheless, highly flexible and able to protect company IP in this critical area.”

Nick Smith, business development director of Integrated Electrical Systems Division, Mentor Graphics, said, “It was important to create a very flexible product that appeals both to large, multi-national organizations and to smaller harness suppliers. We expect Capital Harness TVM to deliver substantial business value to many existing and new customers.”

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