Daimler and Elektrobit (EB) create a new model for driver assistance software development

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EB (Elektrobit) and Daimler are strengthening their partnership for developing Daimler’s embedded driver assistance software by adding new driver assistance functions under EB´s development responsibility and extending the cooperation into several more years.

In this partnership EB takes over responsibility for driver assistance software engineering and assumes the role of a direct software supplier for driver assistance at Daimler.

Software separate from hardware development

As driver assistance software will be developed separate from the hardware, this cooperation model showcases new ways for collaboration with carmakers.

“This close cooperation between Daimler and EB, with EB taking the role of a direct software provider for driver assistance, is unseen before in the automotive industry,” said Alexander Kocher, President of EB’s Automotive Business Segment. “It underlines the growing importance of software as a key differentiation factor also in the driver assistance area, for both luxury and mass market vehicles.

Growing complexity of driver assistance

“It also mirrors the increasing separation of software from hardware components,” Kocher continued. “Together with Daimler we are now developing strategies to meet the growing complexity of driver assistance.” 

Currently Daimler cars, from Mercedes smart to Mercedes-Benz S-Class, are available with EB driver assistance software solutions. By outsourcing the majority of the driver assistance software development to EB, Daimler can focus its engineering resources in other areas of building innovative vehicles. The firms said EB’s new role effectively introduces a new model for collaboration with carmakers.

 “During the last two and a half years, we have delivered more than 230 version releases with 75 series approvals with EB – and all these releases have been on time,” notes Joachim Missel, Senior Manager Camera-Systems and Parking-Assistance Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler.

“Thanks to EB’s expertise in developing automotive-grade software for driver assistance, we are able to deliver vehicles with a maximum of safety, quality and performance.”

Driver assistance systems by Daimler seek to ensure a maximum level of safety for drivers and passengers. They help to prevent drivers from falling asleep, detect pedestrians and initiate autonomous braking in case of emergency and take corrective measures automatically as soon as the vehicle has left its lane.

EB has supported Daimler in the development of most of these features. The support comprised function and implementation models, software implementation, module tests and integration tests for more than 200 software modules and more than 25 car series.

Software factory

To meet the task of managing the growing complexity, EB has developed a new software factory concept for the driver assistance area.

“This new concept will simplify the management of the rising number of versions and variants. It will shorten the development time, reduce costs and improve quality and set the trend for a future increase of efficiency in driver assistance as well as in other areas of automotive software engineering,” said Markus Schupfner, Vice President Infotainment Solutions, at EB’s Automotive Business Segment.

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