Chinese Automaker Standardizes on Mentor Software Tool Suites

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Mentor Graphics Corporation and Chinese automaker Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd (JAC) announced the successful deployment of the Mentor® Volcano™ and Capital® tool suites.

JAC uses the Mentor Capital suite for electrical system design and Volcano products for in-vehicle communications implementation. 

Mentor software is deployed in both passenger and commercial vehicle projects and delivers benefits ranging from enhanced design quality to reduced power consumption within the vehicles.  The benefits are amplified because the deployment of the Mentor tools is now extending to JAC’s supply chain.

Electrical System Design

JAC uses several Mentor products for electrical system design including Capital Logic™, Capital HarnessXC™, and mechanical CAD integration products. 

Following a successful pilot project, JAC has now standardized the Capital suite for all production platforms.  This allows JAC to apply its intellectual property, such as component definitions, design constraints, and rule checks.

Use of the Capital tool suite by JAC’s wire harness suppliers extends data continuity to the manufacturing domain.  Together with the Capital tool suite’s data management capabilities, these factors help ensure data consistency and promote design quality. 

Weight Reduction

JAC’s electrical engineers are able to reduce overall harness cost and weight by exploring alternative implementations using metrics generated dynamically by the Capital Insight™ product.  Wire harnesses are expensive and heavy, and while cost reduction is always a key driver, weight reduction is now receiving close attention in order to boost fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.

In-Vehicle Communications

JAC also uses the Mentor products for in-vehicle communications.  Specifically, JAC’s LIN and CAN communications are designed using Volcano Network Architect™ (VNA), which helps automate network design and provides deterministic analysis such as end-to-end timing verification. 

In addition, JAC is now adopting the Mentor Volcano Target Package™ (VTP) embedded communications software for several ECUs. The VTP software is helping JAC realize important benefits such as reduced ECU power consumption and improved diagnostic capability.

Mr. Yan Gang, deputy general manager, JAC said, “Mentor’s technology for automotive electrical and electronics design is world leading.  Given the importance of electronic systems in modern vehicles, products such as Capital and Volcano clearly boost JAC’s competitive position, not only in China but also worldwide.” 

Danny Perng, Mentor Graphics vice president for the PacRim region, added “Electrical and electronics design are clearly intertwined.  JAC provides a great example of how Mentor’s extensive product range can deliver tangible benefits in these critical domains.”

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