AT&T Announces a Connected Car Center and an Automotive Platform

January 7, 2014  by  


Boosting its profile in connected vehicle technology, AT&T announced the creation of a connected car center in Atlanta and a modular, global automotive platform, AT&T Drive.

AT&T Drive Studio

The connected car center, AT&T Drive Studio, is a working lab where AT&T will develop and test technologies to enhance the driving experience, by improving safety, convenience and entertainment. 

The more than 5,000-square foot facility features working garage bays, a speech lab, a showroom to exhibit the latest innovations, conference facilities, and more.  The AT&T Drive Studio integrates AT&T solutions across multiple companies, and serves as a hub where AT&T can respond to needs of automotive manufacturers and the auto ecosystem at large.

Chevrolet Announces AppShop & 4G LTE

January 6, 2014  by  


Chevrolet made two significant announcements at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.

It introduced Chevrolet AppShop, which allows owners to view all available apps through an icon displayed on the MyLink screen, download the apps they want directly to the vehicle, and then organize, update or delete them; essentially, smartphone-like functionality.

Chevrolet also announced a high-speed data capability via an OnStar 4G LTE connection in the vehicle running on AT&T’s network.

Garmin Announces a New OEM Navigation Core

November 21, 2013  by  


Garmin International Inc. announced Gemini, a new navigation core designed for the auto OEM market.

According to Garmin, Gemini provides automakers a faster, more intuitive and feature-rich in-dash navigation experience than ever before.

The accompanying Software Development Kit (SDK) allows automakers to customize the feature set as well as the look and feel. Gemini features advanced 3D graphics for better orientation and smart navigation features. The ability to integrate automatic over-the-air (OTA) map and software updates can make it easier for drivers to keep their system current.

CCC Launches MirrorLink 1.1

November 20, 2013  by  

 The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), which is dedicated to MirrorLink standards and solutions, announced that app developers can begin coding with version 1.1 of the CCC’s MirrorLink standard.

The organization said that developers now have “a one-stop shop” to create apps that are both driver-aware and interoperable between a majority of the world’s most popular cars and handsets.

“Right now, car connectivity is all about content,” said Jörg Brakensiek, technical workgroup chair of the CCC. “The sooner we can make content suitable for in-car consumption, the sooner car connectivity will achieve its promise.”

Maxim Receiver & Amp Support Multiple Navigation Standards

November 1, 2013  by  


Maxim Integrated Inc. introduced the MAX2769B and MAX2670, specifically designed to address Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications.

These receiver solutions are capable of operating over the navigation standards GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass and have completed PPAP and AEC-Q100 approval.

The MAX2670 is a dual stage low noise amplifier typically located in or close to the antenna module, while the MAX2769B resides within the dashboard as the receiver.

The MAX2769B is said to offer the industry’s lowest noise figure of 1.4dB, a critical element that dominates the overall receiver sensitivity and enables faster satellite locking.

Driveway Software introduces SmartUBI insurance telematics platform

September 5, 2013  by  


Driveway Software introduced SmartUBI Platform, an insurance telematics platform that includes a smartphone usage-based insurance (UBI) application, and cloud-based analytics and portals.

The firm said its platform offers carriers looking to enter the usage-based insurance market a cost-effective and quick deployment solution, putting telematics within reach of any size carrier to take advantage of this maturing and growing market segment.

Leveraging smartphones

Driveway Software said it makes entry to the usage-based insurance market affordable and easy by leveraging the insured’s own smartphone to monitor driving behavior and capture data. With the insured’s driving data and preliminary analytics in hand, combined with SmartUBI’s cloud-based analytics capabilities, carriers are better able to determine individual driver risk scores to help make the most informed risk and premium decisions.

PathPartner Technology joins the GENIVI Alliance

March 29, 2013  by  

PathPartner Technology has joined the GENIVI Alliance, a non-profit industry association whose mission is to drive the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open source development platform.

“PathPartner Technology will soon address the product development challenges of companies looking at launch of GENIVI compliant products by offering design service and end-to-end solutions,” said Ramkishor Korada, the firm’s executive vice president and head of global sales and business development. “We are looking at nurturing our partnerships with automotive design and development ecosystem by offering industry ready product solutions and design services.”

Audiovox launches plug-in OBD-II monitoring device

November 14, 2012  by  







Audiovox Electronics Corporation said its Car Connection™ telematics device lets consumers monitor their driving habits and their vehicle’s health.

Car Connection features include:

  • Driver Scoring Monitor.
  • Fuel Savings Monitor based on daily driving habits (generates reports and gives fuel saving tips).
  • Online or smartphone Vehicle Location tracking (notice if a car has been moved or towed).
  • Android or Blackberry app to restrict driver phone use.
  • Safety Zones (boundaries for teenagers or aging drivers).
  • Vehicle Health.
  • Lot Spot™ (location of parked vehicles).

Sony aftermarket head units support MirrorLink™ smartphone connectivity

August 15, 2012  by  


Two new Sony aftermarket head units, XAV-601BT and XAV-701HD, are the first MirrorLink™-certified products available in US stores. The products were recently launched in Europe.

MirrorLink, a technology standard for safe control of smartphones in cars, was developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), which now includes more than 70 member firms (

“As more people view their smartphones as primary hubs for communications and entertainment, it’s critical we enable their car infotainment systems to support and enhance the smartphone features and services they use most,” said Taka Noguchi, business manager for the Mobile Electronics division of Sony Electronics Inc. “MirrorLink is ideal for this purpose because it allows communication between the two systems and enables the creation of applications that conform to auto industry guidelines for safe driving.”

Livio joins the GENIVI Alliance

July 24, 2012  by  

Livio ( has become a GENIVI member, joining 167 current partners on the open-source development platform.

Livio Connect is a technology that connects apps to cars, eliminating the need for one-on-one integration between apps and car stereos. It was first used in Livio’s consumer product, the Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit, now for sale at Walmart.

Livio is working on GENIVI platforms to include integration of Livio Connect with the goal of reducing work for car stereo manufacturers, automotive original equipment manufacturers, and mobile app developers.

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