u-blox Will Manufacture Cohda Wireless’ V2X Module

October 5, 2015  by  


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To meet rapidly increasing demand for V2X modules for trials, early deployments and infrastructure roll-out, Cohda Wireless and u-blox have agreed on an exclusive license for the use of the latest MK5 module design.

“While Cohda Wireless developed the MK5, a state-of-the-art V2X radio module, we have decided to license its design in order to focus on software IP. V2X communication is a growing exciting market and, by taking this step, we are looking forward to a closer cooperation with u-blox,” said Cohda Wireless CEO Paul Gray.

Intel Commits to Mitigating Automotive Cybersecurity Risks

October 3, 2015  by  


To help mitigate cybersecurity risks associated with connected automobiles while encouraging technological progression and innovation, Intel Corporation announced the establishment of the Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB).

The ASRB researchers will perform ongoing security tests and audits intended to codify practices and design recommendations for advanced cybersecurity solutions and products. Intel also published the first version of its automotive cybersecurity best practices white paper, which the company will continue to update based on ASRB findings.

Autoliv Joins the Drive Me Project

October 1, 2015  by  

volvo-autonomous-autoliv-project-7Autoliv, Inc. announced it has joined the Drive Me project, which is an autonomous driving project joining industry, government and academia towards securing future mobility solutions. As part of the project, 100 self-driving cars will be released on public roads in Gothenburg, Sweden under everyday driving conditions.

The company is joining the current partners, Volvo Car Group, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency, Lindholmen Science Park and the City of Gothenburg and Chalmers University in this collaboration, which is endorsed by the Swedish Government.

Autoliv sees the Drive Me project as an effort to create partnerships with impact on systemic, technical and organizational solutions for traffic with autonomous driving.

Visteon and Mediamobile Showcase Digital Radio with V-Traffic DAB Data Services for European Market

September 29, 2015  by  

visteon_dab_radio_in_carAutomotive cockpit electronics supplier Visteon has teamed up with Mediamobile, European broadcast traffic information service provider and editor of V-Traffic mobility solutions, to offer a solution that enables cars equipped with Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radios to receive traffic updates through both digital radio and Internet services, simultaneously.

The DAB radio, provided by Visteon, picks up Mediamobile’s V-Traffic data broadcasts in a standardized DAB-TPEG format and transfers the content via a Bluetooth® connection to the driver’s smartphone or tablet for decoding. The traffic information is displayed on the smartphone screen, via an application that switches seamlessly between DAB and the Internet.

STMicroelectronics Adopts ARMv8-R Processor Technology

September 29, 2015  by  

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STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has licensed new 32-bit ARMv8-R processor technology that it plans to deploy in 32-bit microcontrollers targeting real-time safety-related Smart Driving applications and in industrial applications.

First implementations of the ARMv8-R processor will be used in advanced multi-core, high-performance processors for safety-related automotive devices targeting PowerTrain, Safety and Gateway applications.

Automotive microcontrollers employing the new ARMv8-R architecture will deliver best-in-class real-time performance and functional safety features combined with unique innovations for sensing, computation, and actuation applications.

The advanced real-time architecture offers virtualization and separation to improve software reliability, reduce development costs, and enable consolidation of multiple applications onto a single smart processing platform.

Suppliers Need to Prepare for Autonomous Cars, Says New Research

September 28, 2015  by  

googleprototype-1Suppliers will need to develop new hardware and software capabilities if they want to participate in the emergent autonomous car market, according to a new report from just-auto set to be published next month.

The report’s author, Professor Peter Wells, Director at the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, argues that new entrants such as Google and Apple will pose a credible threat to established automakers. He also expects that the key issue not be technology but rather how autonomous cars will be integrated into society.

BorgWarner Technologies Improve Shift Fee and Fuel Economy for GM 8-Speed Transmission

September 25, 2015  by  

borg 9-25-15 268180Hydraulic Accumulator, Eco-Launch™ Solenoid Valve and Multi-Segment Wet Friction Plates

BorgWarner supplies Eco-Launch™ stop/start accumulator technology and multi-segment wet friction plates for the new 8-speed rear-wheel drive automatic transmission (8L45) from General Motors.

To enable the transmission’s stop/start functionality, BorgWarner’s Eco-Launch hydraulic accumulator and solenoid valve are said to provide rapid, quiet and smooth engagements during engine restarts.

BorgWarner’s friction plate technology reduces drag and enhances shift feel. Improving fuel economy up to 5 percent compared with similar 6-speed automatic transmissions, the 8L45 transmission will debut on the 2016 Cadillac CT6 and will also drive the 2016 Cadillac CTS and ATS.

dSPACE and RWTH Aachen University Collaborate to Simulate Battery Technologies

September 24, 2015  by  

dspace 9-24-15 PR-Bild_Batteriesimulation_1000px_RGB_150807Designing, Simulating, and Testing Electrical Energy Storage Systems

dSPACE and RWTH Aachen University have developed a new simulation environment for electrical energy storage systems that supports a broad range of physical battery characteristics.

Under the name “Toolbox Speichersysteme” (Energy Storage Toolbox), a new simulation model developed at the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) of RWTH Aachen was combined with a graphical user interface by dSPACE. The resulting solution makes it possible to realistically and conveniently simulate the electrical and thermal behavior of various battery technologies, supercapacitors and other electrical energy storage systems, according to their design and cooling systems.

Toyota Selects Sirius XM for Connected Services

September 19, 2015  by  


photo.jpgToyota has selected Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc., a unit of SiriusXM, to provide a variety of connected vehicle services for Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

“At Toyota, we are always working to give our customers the best driving experience possible, and this new agreement with SiriusXM assures we can do just that with the best connected vehicle services across a broader range of Toyota-brand vehicles than ever before for many years to come,” Sandy Lobenstein, Toyota VP of Connected Vehicle Technology and Planning, said. “Our customers expect a world-class offering of connected services. And as those services in safety, security and remote convenience continue to evolve, we will work with SiriusXM to offer a superior driving experience to our customers.”

KEMET Corporation Introduces Engineering Center

September 18, 2015  by  

KEMET Corporation, supplier of electronic components, introduced Engineering Center online education resource, focused on providing practical answers to questions involving passive components in electronic applications.

Engineering Center features blog posts, a calendar of free technical seminars, component tools and a knowledge library authored by KEMET’s field application experts.

“KEMET has long recognized the need for concise educational content for real-world passive circuit designs,” Per Loof, KEMET Chief Executive Officer, said. “Our technical team designed Engineering Center to enhance our position as the easy-to-design-in company, increasing our value as a trusted supplier and partner.”

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