Analog Devices and Cambridge Consultants Collaborate on Cost-Effective Monitoring to Reduce Parking Frustrations

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Analog Devices and Cambridge Consultants Collaborate on Cost-Effective Monitoring System to Reduce Parking Frustrations (Graphic: Business Wire).

Analog Devices, Inc. and Cambridge Consultants announced a smart monitoring system that helps ease parking frustrations for drivers. The system saves drivers time and makes parking easier by monitoring space occupancy for on-street and indoor garage parking spaces without adding expensive infrastructure. This enables a number of significant parking improvements.

Continental Integrates Gesture-Based Control into the Steering Wheel

May 10, 2016  by  


• Gesture-based control on the steering wheel helps the driver keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and a close eye on the road
• Switches, buttons, touchpads and electronics on the steering wheel are being replaced and the system costs for innovative operation optimized
• Further development of the holistic human-machine interface as an important step on the road to automated driving

A quick swipe with the thumb, a light wave with the hand, and the driver can accept an incoming call, activate the required driving mode, or start their favorite song. Gesture-based control is already known from the world of entertainment electronics and has been making inroads into vehicles for some time now. Further development of this new control system in the car is being driven by Continental.

Project FEVER to Develop 48V Through-the-Road Hybrid Vehicle Technology

May 9, 2016  by  


CPT SpeedTorq ‘four quadrant’ switched-reluctance machine

 Forty-Eight Volt Electrified Rear-axle (FEVER) project will be led by Control Power Technologies (CPT) in partnership with Ricardo, Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) and Provector

FEVER will apply CPT’s SpeedTorq technology to an ultra-lightweight rear axle module to significantly improve the fuel economy of a city car

Offers comparable fuel and CO2 saving to high voltage hybrid architectures, but saving significant (circa £1,000) manufacturing cost compared to a full HEV

u-blox Dead Reckoning Supports High Rate Real Time Positioning and Versatile Design

May 9, 2016  by  

ublox 5-9-16 UB042(Fig1)u-blox announced the release of its fourth generation firmware for 3D Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) GNSS modules and chips. Already suited for first mount or aftermarket road vehicle applications, such as in-car navigation, infotainment systems, telematics units and fleet management, the upgraded GNSS receiver now offers real-time continuous navigation output with an update rate of 20 Hz, enabling low latency for applications such as interactive head-up displays.

As the new firmware includes Galileo, in addition to GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS, it also supports Galileo-based eCall, the European emergency call system, which will be required in new vehicles starting in 2018.

EnSilica Launches eSi-ECDSA Cryptographic IP for Standards-Compliant Car2x Communications

May 9, 2016  by  

ensilica 5-9-16 ENS030

EnSilica launches eSi-ECDSA cryptographic IP for standards-compliant automotive Car2x communications

EnSilica has launched the eSi-ECDSA cryptographic IP designed to help meet the high security communication and latency requirements of automotive Car2Car and Car2Infrastructure (Car2x) applications that form part of today’s emerging Intelligent Transport Systems.

EnSilica’s eSi-ECDSA cryptographic IP is fully compliant with the IEEE 1609.2 and ETSI TS 103 97 standards. These standards define the security layers in the Car2x communication protocols where cryptographic algorithms are the primary tools used to safeguard against information security risks such as message confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity.

ESD-Safe™ MLCCs and Multilayer Varistors: A Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison for Designing Modern Vehicle Electronics

May 6, 2016  by  

 avx Ron_Demcko AVX

By Ron Demcko

AVX Corporation
One AVX Boulevard
Fountain Inn, SC 29644


Modern-day automobiles utilize incredible amounts of computing power to create a constantly improving transportation experience. As a result, transportation is safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient than ever. The electronics that enable these improvements are evolving in a few key ways. First, sensors and dedicated processing units are observing and acting on more data than ever before, spanning environments ranging from cabin electronics to under-hood modules. Next, several central processing units are sending data on high-speed networks to even larger and more powerful processors that profile, prioritize, and control sub systems. Finally, automobiles are talking to both one another and infrastructure via RF links.

TI 65-V Micro-Power Buck Converters Feature Industry’s Lowest Quiescent Current

May 4, 2016  by  

ti 5-4-16 LM5165 Press Photo

150-mA synchronous DC/DC regulators optimize light-load efficiency for factory automation and automotive applications

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) introduced two 65-V, 150-mA synchronous DC/DC buck converters with what the company said is the industry’s lowest 10.5-uA quiescent current (IQ) for powering factory automation and automotive sensor applications requiring high efficiency.

The industrial-grade LM5165 and automotive-grade LM5165-Q1 micro-power step-down regulators feature a wide input voltage (VIN) range and dual control modes for optimizing efficiency and printed circuit board (PCB) area. By using the regulators together with TI’s WEBENCH® Power Design tool, engineers can get their factory and process automation designs to market faster. For more information, samples and an evaluation module, see

SMT power inductors from TT Electronics support 180°C high temperature operation in automotive applications

May 3, 2016  by  

TT 5-3-16 040_HA72T-06-Series-Automotive-Inductor-pressphotoAutomotive industry qualified HA72T-06 series inductors

TT Electronics launched a range of surface mount (SMT) power inductors for use in high temperature, high power, automotive applications.  The HA72T-06 series inductors meet the growing automotive market’s demand for certified, high power inductors for high efficiency DC-DC converter deployment using high switching frequencies up to 3Mhz as well for as EMI and low pass DC ripple filters in high temperature environments.

LDRA Delivers Comprehensive MISRA Coding Standards for Increased Software Security

May 3, 2016  by  

ldra logo

With increased connectivity of applications and devices,OEMS in the automotive and other industries are demanding new assurance that software has been developed to the highest security standards.

To help customers guard against new risks and create safe and secure code, LDRA has integrated comprehensive support of the new security-focused rules announced by MISRA into LDRA’s MISRA coding standards compliance offerings.

MISRA Adds 14 New Security Guidelines to Help Eliminate Software Vulnerabilities

Dayco to Launch Vacuum Generation System

May 3, 2016  by  

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Provides Improved Fuel Economy, Fewer Parts, Lower Weight and Reduced Costs

 Better fuel efficiency. Fewer parts. Lighter weight. Lower costs. Reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Dayco’s newest innovation, the Dayco Vacuum Generation System, which will go into full production with a major automaker in mid-2016, continues that tradition.

The Dayco Vacuum Generation System replaces costly, heavy, fuel-consuming mechanical and electrical vacuum pumps found on many of today’s engines. Automakers will benefit from reduced weight and decreased system cost, and automakers and consumers can enjoy increased fuel economy.

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