dSPACE virtual test benches for vehicle dynamics analysis

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TT electronics power steering torque sensor saves fuel

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 TT electronics said its non-contact power steering torque sensor uses less current and is smaller and lighter than existing solutions and thus helps make electronic power steering systems more compact, reliable and efficient.

TRW front axle electric park brake adds safety for smaller vehicles

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TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. unveiled its Electric Park Brake (EPB) system for front axles – a development that makes the technology more affordable for a wider range of vehicle segments. TRW’s EPB offers a number of safety benefits in addition to space optimization in the vehicle’s passenger compartment thanks to the elimination of the handbrake lever or pedal.

TRW Automotive gains electric steering business with Chinese vehicle manufacturers

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TRW will supply four Chinese vehicle manufacturers with advanced electric steering systems.

Air shutter system aids fuel saving in Chevrolet Cruze Eco

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General Motors said an automatic air shutter system behind the front grill in the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco uses sensors to feel and sense wind and temperature conditions. Electric motors open and close the shutters automatically based on sensor information; closing the shutters to reduce drag when the vehicle is moving at higher speeds and opening them to maximize engine-cooling air flow at lower speeds.

AFS Trinity patents plug-in hybrid drive train

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AFS Trinity Power Corporation said it has patented the Extreme Hybrid drive train in its plug-in hybrid SUV. Chairman and CEO Edward W. Furia said the drive train combines ultracapacitors with other power electronics and energy storage devices, plus off-the-shelf chemical batteries. Technical details are available at http://afstrinity.com/xh/ and videos of prototype vehicles are at http://afstrinity.com/video/index.htm.

BorgWarner engine timing systems drive Fiat Powertrain Technologies’ two-cylinder TWIN-AIR engines

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BorgWarner will produce engine timing systems for Fiat Powertrain Technologies’ (FPT) new two-cylinder TWIN-AIR engine, including the 65-horsepower naturally aspirated, and the 85- and 105-horsepower turbocharged variants.

Valeo enters North American automatic transmissions market

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Valeo said its torque convertors, which are now produced in a plant in Mexico, have allowed the Group to win new business in North America.

32-bit Infineon AUDO MAX microcontrollers target powertrain and chassis applications

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Infineon Technologies AG has launched its AUDO MAX family of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive powertrain and chassis applications. The AUDO MAX family supports design of engine management systems meeting Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards for combustion vehicles and enables the electrification of powertrain functions in electrical vehicles.

IR 150V high-side driver IC with internal Vs charge for automotive gate drive applications

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International Rectifier has introduced the AUIRS2016S for automotive gate drive applications including common injection rails, diesel and gasoline direct injection applications and solenoid drivers. 

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