Renesas announces low power MCUs with 40 nm on-chip flash for body applications

September 27, 2012  by  

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced the RH850/F1x Series of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) as the first products to be released in the RH850 Family of automotive MCUs with on-chip flash memory fabricated on a 40 nanometer (nm) MONOS (metal oxide nitride oxide silicon) process and offering low power consumption. The new MCUs are designed for use in a variety of automotive body applications.

The RH850/F1x Series includes three groups – RH850/F1L, RH850/F1M and RH850/F1H – and a total of more than 50 products. Devices in the series include on-chip flash memory capacity from 256KB to 8MB and package options ranging upward from 48-pin. Dual-core versions are also planned for the RH850/F1H Group.

Atmel introduces low-power, secure AES-128-based transponder for car key fob applications

April 19, 2012  by  

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Atmel® Corporation announced the ATA5580, a secure, ultra-low-power micro-module transponder based on an Atmel AVR® microcontroller (MCU). Targeting remote keyless entry systems in vehicles, the ATA5580 transponder includes the Atmel open immobilizer protocol stack with a built-in, high-performance AES-128 hardware cryptographic unit, a low-frequency (LF) immobilizer interface for power supply and bi-directional communication, and an LF antenna.

The ATA5580 standalone immobilizer transponder is intended to be over-molded in simple mechanical keys that usually accompany full-featured remote keyless entry key fobs. For this purpose, the ATA5580 immobilizer transponder and the ATA5795 remote keyless entry AVR microcontroller feature the same LF protocol and AES implementations allowing seamless deployment of both types of keys in a single system.

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