Vishay Intertechnology Automotive-Grade PIN Photodiodes Deliver 7.5 mm² Sensitive Area in Low-Profile Packages

December 18, 2014  by  

vishay 12-18-14 15401834163_66a4281ffe_cAEC-Q101-Qualified, Surface-Mount Devices Offer High Reverse Light Current to 48 µA and Low Dark Current of 2 nA

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) is broadening its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of two new automotive-grade high-speed silicon PIN photodiodes in top-view, surface-mount packages measuring 5 mm by 4 mm by 0.9 mm.

Offering a large sensitive area of 7.5 mm², the Vishay Semiconductors VEMD5010X01 and VEMD5110X01 provide high radiant sensitivity with a reverse light current of 48 µA and a very low dark current of 2 nA for automotive and other applications.

Renesas 16nm FinFET Automotive SRAM Achieves High Speed (641ps) at Low Voltage (0.7V)

December 18, 2014  by  

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Renesas (TSE: 6723), announced the development of a new circuit technology for automotive information SoCs (system on chips) at 16 nanometer (nm) and beyond.

Using this new circuit technology, Renesas tested the prototype of an SRAM, at the 16 nm node as the cache memory for CPU and real-time image processing blocks in an SoC, and successfully confirmed that this SRAM operates at the high speed of 641 ps (picosecond: 1/1,000,000,000,000 of a second) under the low-voltage condition of 0.7 V.

Lower Voltage, Higher CPU Speed

Arynga and Autonet Mobile Combine Technologies for Over-The-Air (OTA) Software, Firmware Updating

December 17, 2014  by  

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Autonet Mobile’s Connected Vehicle Platform on Visteon’s Lightscape™ Instrument Cluster Integrated with Arynga’s CarSync™ OTA Updating Solution

Arynga, Inc. and Autonet Mobile, Inc. with Visteon Corp. have collaborated to provide a production ready solution for remote update, management, and maintenance of connected vehicles. With a turnkey over-the-air (OTA) solution, automakers, dealers, tier one suppliers and consumers can maintain and update the software and firmware within any vehicle Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Silicon Image Announces Automotive Grade MHL® Products for In-Vehicle Infotainment

December 16, 2014  by  

silicon image logoSilicon Image (NASDAQ:SIMG) introduced two MHL® receivers that enable smartphones to connect to automotive infotainment systems using MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), and feature popular video outputs such as CSI-2, HDMI® and RGB.

The SiI5293 is an MHL/HDMI receiver with an RGB output and the SiI5620 is an MHL/HDMI receiver with a CSI-2 output. Both receivers are AEC Q-100 qualified and feature expanded temperature range support.

Since the introduction of the first MHL-enabled devices in 2011, the MHL ecosystem has continued to grow and now has an installed base of more than 650 million products worldwide. To learn about the latest MHL-enabled devices on the market, visit

Vishay Intertechnology Low-Profile, High-Current Inductor Lowers Costs and Saves Space With Integrated E-Shield

December 16, 2014  by  

vishay 12-16-14 15356807104_ce9f215fbf_c
Offered in 4040 Case Size, AEC-Q200-Qualified Device Provides -20 dB Electric Field Reduction at 1 cm

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) introduced an automotive-grade low-profile, high-current inductor featuring an integrated e-shield for reduction of EMI in the compact 4040 case size.

Lowering costs and saving board space in automotive and other applications by eliminating the need for separate board-level shielding for the inductor, the Vishay Dale IHLE-4040DC-5A contains the electric field associated with EMI in a tin-plated copper integrated shield, providing up to -20 dB of electric field reduction at 1 cm (above the center of the inductor) when the integrated shield is connected to ground.

LDRA Has Integrated Its Tool Suite With Wind River’s VxWorks 7 RTOS Platform

December 12, 2014  by  

ldra 12-12-14WR_dynamic_300

From within the native VxWorks 7 Workbench environment LDRA executes the code and displays dynamic analysis results including code coverage on the target.

LDRA instrumentation enables IoT device verification without impacting application behavior or hardware performance

LDRA said it has fully integrated the LDRA tool suite with the next generation Wind River® VxWorks® 7 real-time operating system (RTOS) to achieve full compliance with industry safety- and security-critical standards.

The reduced overhead and comprehensive support of the LDRA tool suite for a wide range of target architectures, regardless of their respective footprints, ensures that VxWorks-based systems can be built and verified faster and at lower cost.

Linear Technology FMEA Compliant, 45V LDO Features 3µA IQ with H-Grade Temperature Range up to +150°C

December 11, 2014  by  

linear 12-11-14

H-Grade +150°C, FMEA-Tolerant, 45V, 3µA IQ, 20mA, Wide VIN & VOUT LDO

Linear Technology Corporation announces a new wider temperature range, H grade version of the LT3007, the latest member in a family of high voltage, micropower, robust PNP-based LDOs, featuring an ultralow 3µA quiescent current.

The device’s H grade 150°C junction temperature rating enables high temperature or high power automotive and industrial applications.

Its high input voltage capability, spanning 2.0V to 45V with an adjustable output voltage ranging from 0.6V to 44.5V, enables operation in a wide range of applications.

Melexis Adds High Power Two-Fold Low Frequency Initiator Device with Integrated Immobilizer Functionality

December 11, 2014  by  

melexis 12-11-14 MLXPR37_HRES


Melexis introduced the MLX74190, a low-frequency (LF) initiator IC consisting of two high power, independently programmable LF drivers plus built-in immobilizers.

The device is suited to a variety of automotive and other wireless communication deployments where power efficient operation is of prime importance.

Remote Passive Start
One of the main applications for this device is automobile remote passive start, where it is used to transmit a high power LF signal to wake-up the key inside the car. The key sends out its encrypted identification number to the car via an ultra-high frequency (UHF) signal, enabling the engine to start.

TI Hercules™ MCUs Certified to Meet ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 Safety Standards to ASIL D and SIL 3 Levels

December 9, 2014  by  

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Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) announced that its TMS570LS12x/11x and RM46x Hercules™ microcontrollers (MCUs) are certified by TÜV SÜD to meet the relevant requirements of ISO 26262:2011 and IEC 61508:2010 functional safety standards to ASIL D and SIL 3 levels of safety integrity.

This helps reduce the time and effort OEMs spend taking their products through certification. TI also announces two new LaunchPad development kits, providing low-cost, entry-level options for developers who want to assess the certified MCUs’ functional safety features and performance.

CSR Chipset Aids Design of Bluetooth Smart Applications

December 8, 2014  by  

csr 12-9-14csr1010_auto_development_kits_0

Automotive Grade CSR1010™ Brings the Car to the Internet of Things

CSR plc (LSE: CSR; NASDAQ: CSRE) announced availability of the CSR1010™ auto, the world’s first AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Bluetooth® Smart chipset for automotive applications qualified for mass production.

The solution equips automotive manufacturers with the tools they need to add exciting new features to existing infotainment systems and to design innovative future Bluetooth Smart applications for both inside and outside the car.

With important manufacturing benefits like cable reduction and low power consumption, the solution enables a wide variety of additional capabilities to existing closed automotive applications.

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