Allegro MicroSystems AEC-Q100-Qualified Multiple-Output Regulator Powers Automotive LCD Displays

January 30, 2015  by  

allegro 01-30-15 A8603-Product-ImageAllegro MicroSystems, LLC announced a new AEC-Q100 qualified, multiple-output regulator for powering automotive LCD displays.

Allegro’s A8603 operates with fixed switching frequency that can be either programmed or synchronized with an external clock signal between 350 kHz and 2.25 MHz. This will minimize interference with AM and FM radio bands.

An I²C™-compliant serial interface allows a system microcontroller to configure the A8603 by writing into its internal registers. A system controller can also access A8603’s status registers in case of fault conditions.

Keysight Power Analyzer Combines Power Measurements and Touch-Driven Oscilloscope Visualization

January 29, 2015  by  


keysignt-300x209Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) introduced what is said is the first power analyzer to combine accurate power measurements and touch-driven oscilloscope visualization capability in a single instrument.

The Keysight IntegraVision power analyzer makes it easy for R&D engineers designing and testing electronic power conversion systems to access dynamic views of current, voltage and power so they can see, measure and prove the performance of their designs.

Engineers working on electronic power conversion systems need high-accuracy measurements to identify and characterize incremental efficiency improvements in devices such as power inverters or converters, universal power supplies, battery systems, vehicle and aircraft power systems, lighting systems/electronic ballasts and appliances.

Microchip Power MOSFET Drivers Feature Thermally Efficient, Small Packages For Improved Efficiency

January 28, 2015  by  

16155636678_fea0373885_cMicrochip Technology announced the first power MOSFET drivers in a new product family–the MCP14A005X and MCP14A015X.

These drivers feature an entirely new driver architecture for high speed operation, the first in the MCP14A product line. Available in SOT-23 and 2 x 2 mm DFN packages, the new devices are among the smallest packaged MOSFET drivers on the market today.

The small packaging enables higher power densities and smaller solutions, while the design targets fast transitions and short delay times that allow for responsive circuit operation.

Linear Technology Standalone Lead Acid Battery Balancing IC Works with up to Four 12V Batteries in Series

January 27, 2015  by  

linear 01-27-15 tn.jsp

Standalone Multicell Lead Acid Battery Balancer

Linear Technology Corporation announced the LTC3305, a single IC, standalone multicell battery balancer for 12V lead acid batteries.

Balancing works by absorbing charge from higher voltage batteries and transferring that charge to lower voltage batteries so that all are charged equally.

Charge is transferred using a lower capacity battery that is sequentially connected across the batteries in the stack. Not only does this battery transfer charge, but the energy in the transfer battery adds to the total energy in the stack, thus increasing capacity.

Toshiba Power Amplifier IC Reduces Sound Loss and Noise in Car Audio During Idling Reduction

January 27, 2015  by  

toshiba 01-27-15 TCB001HQ_500Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) introduced the TCB001HQ, a 4-channel power amplifier IC intended to improve noise tolerance in audio systems in cars with engine idling reduction systems.

Samples are available now with mass production scheduled to start in March 2015.

Idling Reduction

The engines of cars with idling reduction systems often cut out, causing battery voltage to drop. By reducing the minimum operation voltage from 8V to 6V, the new power amplifier realizes stable operation and also prevents loss of sound and noise generation in car audio.

BigLever Software, Aras Offer Integrated PLE and PLM

January 26, 2015  by  

biglever software


aras corp


Product line engineering (PLE) solutions developer BigLever Software has partnered with Aras Corp. to deliver what BigLever says is the industry’s first integrated PLE and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, the Aras Innovator/BigLever Gears Bridge.

According to BigLever and Aras, the integration of PLE and PLM is a significant step forward in enabling companies to reduce complexity, break down organizational and operational silos, and achieve new levels of efficiency, interoperability and alignment across all aspects of planning, designing, implementing, delivering, maintaining, and evolving a product line.

Coilcraft High-current, High-inductance Power Inductors Target Electric Vehicle Start-Stop Systems

January 22, 2015  by  

coilcraft 1-22-15Coilcraft said its AGP4233 Series shielded power inductors combine high current handling and high inductance, making them ideal for high-current power supply and filtering applications such as those used in electric vehicle start-stop systems.

They are offered in twelve standard inductance values from 6.8 to 470 µH, with current ratings as high as 101.8 Amps. Custom values are also available.

AGP4233 Series inductors feature flat wire windings which result in extremely low DC and AC resistance. Their vertical, through-hole mounting provides a small footprint and solderable tabs extend from the shield for increased board stability. They are halogen free and have RoHS compliant tin-silver over copper terminations.

ams Launches IoT-Connected Smart Lighting Manager

January 21, 2015  by  

ams_PP_AS721x_RGBSensor-Integrated Chip-Scale Device Enables Daylight Harvesting

Potential for Use Within Cars

ams AG (SIX:AMS) introduced its AS721x Autonomous Day-lighting Manager, which it said is the industry’s first integrated chip-scale Internet of Things (IoT)-connected smart lighting manager.

TheAS721x, representing a new class of sensor-integrated smart lighting manager solutions, is designed to deliver cost-effective, IoT-connected, integrated control capabilities to luminaire, light engine and replacement lamp manufacturers.

Photopic sensors built with nano-optic filters integrated into the AS721x series are designed to help lighting manufacturers address the growing challenges of energy-saving lighting mandates, including daylighting controls. These challenges are more cost-effectively met by bringing the controls, connectivity such as Bluetooth, and high-granularity sensing into the luminaires themselves.

Kiekert Introduces Automotive LED Latch System

January 19, 2015  by  

Wirtschaftsmagazin - Autoschloss-Hersteller KiekertDoor Latch Module Offers Safety and Security for Customers

Kiekert AG has developed an LED door latch with a variety of safety, security and product-branding features.

Compared to conventional warning-light systems, Kiekert’s new system has an LED warning light built into the latch itself. The LED light is more clearly visible to other drivers and pedestrians when a vehicle’s door is being opened and closed. The new design also is lighter and easier to install during assembly operations.

Luxoft Computer Vision and Augmented Reality Software Aids Digital Automotive Experience, Autonomous Driving

January 19, 2015  by  

luxoft_logoLuxoft Holding, Inc. (NYSE:LXFT) launched its Computer Vision and Augmented Reality software framework, which is optimized for embedded hardware and helps implement a range of in-car Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionality quickly and cost-efficiently.

The computer vision and augmented reality solution encompasses road recognition, vehicles detection and tracking, and a single camera-based egomotion engine. The solution supports seamless navigation integration, and maps and sensor data fusion.

The framework augments drivers’ visual reality with supplementary objects in real time, and works with various output devices such as head unit displays, digital clusters, head-up and optical head-mounted displays.

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