New MapleSim Release Makes Design Exploration and Validation Easier

October 23, 2014  by  

MapleSim7CoreImageMaplesoft announced a new release of its system-level modeling and simulation platform, MapleSim™.

The new release, MapleSim 7, makes it substantially easier to explore and validate designs, create and manage libraries of custom components, and use MapleSim models within the engineering toolchain.

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Microchip Updates MPLAB® Device Blocks for Simulink®

January 28, 2014  by  


Microchip Technology Inc. announced Version 3.30 of its MPLAB® Device Blocks for Simulink®, which the company said make it easy to develop complex designs using Microchip’s dsPIC30 and dsPIC33 digital signal controllers (DSCs). 

The software provides a set of user interfaces to MathWorks’ Simulink graphical environment for simulation and model-based design, where code for the application is generated, compiled and loaded onto a target dsPIC® DSC in a single step.

Updates to this version include multi-rate and interrupt-capable device blocks and a Free edition for up to seven I/O ports that eliminates the compile wait time found on prior Free editions.  Existing users can upgrade to the new PRO edition for free.

Altium Releases Vault Server 1.2 and Team Configuration Center

December 4, 2013  by  


Altium Limited has released Altium Vault Server Version 1.2 and a new product, Team Configuration Center (TC2).

Hosted on an organization’s own network infrastructure, the Altium Vault manages native electronic design data, including its revision history, life-cycle state and supply chain information. The new release adds the ability to migrate data from one vault to another, and enhanced support for connecting to corporate enterprise systems, such as ERP and PLM.  

Linear Technology Isolated Monolithic Flyback Regulator Delivers up to 15W

November 13, 2013  by  


Targeting automotive applications among others, Linear Technology Corporation announced the LT8302, a monolithic flyback regulator that simplifies the design of isolated DC/DC converters.

By sampling the isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform, the part requires no opto-isolator or third winding for regulation.

The LT8302 operates over a 2.8V to 42V input voltage range, has a 3.6A/65V power switch and delivers up to 15 Watts of output power.

The LT8302 operates in boundary mode, which is a variable frequency current-mode control switching scheme, typically resulting in +/-5% regulation over the full line, load and temperature range. Boundary mode enables the use of a smaller transformer compared to equivalent continuous conduction-mode designs.

dSPACE adds simulation models for pneumatic brake and air suspension systems

October 30, 2013  by  


Beginning in early 2014, dSPACE will offer simulation models for pneumatic brake and air suspension systems.

The ASM Pneumatics model library, which will become part of the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) product family, enables realistic brake simulation for commercial vehicles, and comfort functions for passenger vehicles.

ASM Pneumatics is ideal for developing and testing electronic brake systems (EBS), air suspension electronic control units (ECUs), level control ECUs, etc. ASM Pneumatics adds a complete realistic pneumatics system to the models for passenger vehicles (ASM Vehicle Dynamics), trucks (ASM Truck) and trailers (ASM Trailer).

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Vishay Thin Film Chip Resistor Offers Operating Temperature Range > 155 °C

October 30, 2013  by  


AEC-Q200-Qualified Device Features Low Absolute TCR of ± 25 ppm/°C and Tolerances to ± 0.1 % in 0603 Case Size

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a new precision automotive thin film chip resistor featuring high-temperature operation to +155 °C with 100 % power, derated linearly to 0 mW power at +250 °C.

Providing a nearly 100 °C extension in operating temperature range over traditional thin film chip resistors, the AEC-Q200-qualified PATT offers an absolute TCR as low as ± 25 ppm/°C and laser-trimmed tolerances down to ± 0.1 %.

Agilent Adds High-Power Supplies

September 4, 2013  by  


Agilent APS

Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced two high-power system power-supply families that extend Agilent’s range of power supplies into the high-power market.

The Advanced Power System (APS) family offers 1- and 2-kW power supplies for ATE applications.

The N8900 Series provides programmable, 5-, 10- and 15-kW power supplies with autoranging outputs for basic ATE applications.

The APS power supplies with VersaPower architecture offer specifications for fast operation, advanced measurements to accurately capture power profiles and integrated features to reduce automated test system development time and support costs.

Symtavision adds new LIN bus analysis

September 4, 2013  by  


SymTA/S 3.4 also includes enhanced FlexRay dynamic segment analysis, AUTOSAR XML 4.x import with Ethernet support and other general usability improvements

Symtavision has launched SymTA/S 3.4 with a new timing design and analysis capability for LIN (Local Interconnect Network) plus FlexRay dynamic segment analysis improvements, AUTOSAR XML 4.x import with Ethernet support, improved Gantt loading, individual license check out, and scripting efficiency improvements.

Symtavision also announced version 3.4 of TraceAnalyzer, its solution for visualizing and analyzing timing data both measurements and simulations, which seamlessly integrates with SymTA/S.

Alfamation Adds LVDS Test Modules

September 3, 2013  by  


FlexMedia AMX Modules Streamline LVDS Testing for Automotive Multimedia Data Link Chipsets

Alfamation released three new modules in its FlexMedia AMX Series for automotive high-speed serial LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) testing at up to 12 GB/s.

The firm also released a new version of its SuperNova software.

The Alfamation FlexMedia AMX Media Test Sets for the Inova APIX®2, Maxim Integrated Products MAX9259/60, and Texas Instruments FPD-Link III are based on National Instruments’ (NI) FlexRIO product family.

Alfamation said its FlexMedia AMX Series offers support for comprehensive testing on chip manufacturers’ proprietary data link technologies, all within a single multichannel module.

Cloud-based automotive CAD

May 9, 2013  by  


Cadonix introduced Arcadia, described as a cloud-based general and automotive CAD tool that offers schematic design, animated circuit simulation and analysis, electrical networking, harness design, and full design rule checking. Harness wiring is the first application, according to company founder, Andrew Armstrong.

The combination of cloud back-end and HTML5 front-end results in fully scalable vector graphic CAD editing at an enterprise level, accessible from a web browser, according to the company. The product offers an end-to-end solution from conception to fully produced harness design, including cutting lists, bill of materials and design rule reporting from any location.

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