dSPACE virtual test benches for vehicle dynamics analysis

April 30, 2013  by  


dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) now support the simulation of virtual test benches for vehicle dynamics analysis. ASM Kinematics and Compliance (ASM KnC) provides functions for designing and simulating wheel suspensions on a virtual test bench, thereby opening up a new and innovative application field, according to the company. Users can now run virtual tests for numerous vehicle variants and driving maneuvers to optimize vehicle suspensions and make them available for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications.

TT electronics power steering torque sensor saves fuel

December 3, 2012  by  

 TT electronics said its non-contact power steering torque sensor uses less current and is smaller and lighter than existing solutions and thus helps make electronic power steering systems more compact, reliable and efficient.

Designed to sense very small differential angles, the SX-4428 Magnetorque II non-contact steering torque sensor is based on Hall Effect technology. The free-floating torque rotor within the device offers infinite rotational life. The lack of torque rotor friction means it does not wear out as in previous devices thus improving reliability and extending product life expectancy.