Agero, Inc. Ramps Up for Roadside Assistance

July 22, 2014  by  

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Dave Ferrick

Agero, Inc. plans to expand its roadside assistance work force by 30 percent this year across its four regional sites in Clarksville, Tennessee; Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada; Sebring, Florida, and Tucson, Arizona.

With the help of more than 30,000 roadside assistance providers Agero protects more than 75 million drivers a year in North America during in-vehicle and post-emergency safety and security situations.

High Touch

Agero CEO Dave Ferrick says the hiring initiative is in response to growing customer demand and to support new capabilities in Agero’s “high-touch” roadside assistance services.

BorgWarner Produces Multi-Spark Ignition Coils for Daimler

July 21, 2014  by  


borg 7-16-14 MULTISPARKBorgWarner Emissions Systems is producing multi-spark ignition coils at its plant in Muggendorf, Germany, for Daimler’s six- and eight-cylinder engines.

With displacements between 3.5 and 5.5 liters and power ratings ranging from 249 to 549 HP (185 kW – 410 kW), these powerful engines are available in the Mercedes-Benz C-, E- and S-Classes.

Specially designed for gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engines running stratified combustion, BorgWarner’s compact multi-spark ignition coil technology enlarges the ignition zone for more controlled and optimized combustion, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Measuring Streetlight Glare to Improve Driver Safety

July 21, 2014  by  

optical society 7-18-14 OpEx-LED_streetlights-imageResearchers from China and the Netherlands have developed a way to evaluate the human impact of uncomfortable glare caused by LED road lights. They created a model that can predict the level of discomfort experienced by drivers under various lighting conditions.

The team reported its findings, which could guide streetlight placement and design, in The Optical Society’s (OSA) open-access journal Optics Express.

Long hours of nighttime driving can cause eyestrain. While our vision adapts to the surrounding darkness, the sudden stabs of brightness from streetlamps can be irritating, distracting and even painful.

Telefónica Connected Car Industry Report Explores Consumers Attitudes Toward Connectivity

July 18, 2014  by  


Telefónica launched its second Connected Car Industry report, exploring the attitudes of drivers towards car connectivity.

The term Connected Car has been a buzzword within the automotive industry for several years, but the big question is – are consumers ready? Research conducted by Telefónica suggests that they are. According to the Telefónica study, there is sufficient global demand for connected car services, with more than 70 per cent of drivers surveyed saying that they are interested in using, or are already using, connected car services.

Vishay Launches AEC-Q200-Qualified Ceramic Disc Safety Capacitors for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

July 18, 2014  by  

vishay 7-18 14477852818_43d57c9e4a_o

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a new series of AEC-Q200-qualified, AC-line-rated ceramic disc safety capacitors designed to provide high reliability for Class X1 (440 VAC) and Y2 (300 VAC) automotive applications in accordance with IEC 60384-14.3, 3rd edition.

Featuring U2J, Y5S, and Y5U ceramic dielectrics, the AY2 series is optimized for on-board chargers and battery management in electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), as well as high-reliability industrial applications. The capacitors offer a capacitance range from 10 pF to 4700 pF — with tolerances down to ± 10 % — over a temperature range of -55 °C to +125 °C.

Telematics Munich 2014 – November 10-11

July 18, 2014  by  

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Telematics Update’s Telematics Munich conference is scheduled for November 10-11 at the Hotel Dolce, Munich, Germany.  Organizers say the conference will focus on how the car is plugging into the connected world so that the ecosystem can develop auto mobility strategies towards 2020.

The Car Plugs into the Connected World: Auto Mobility Strategies for 2020

As hype gathers around the Internet of Things, automakers and service providers alike are developing data management systems capable of dealing with the huge influx of data that comes with having everything connected.

Bringing the Convenience of Mobile to the Connected Car

July 17, 2014  by  

Ernst & Young estimates that 104 million or so new cars are expected to have some form of connectivity by 2025. That’s good news for the large percentage (46%, according to Gartner) of today’s consumers who want their cars connected so they can safely access inside their car the applications they enjoy on their smartphone.

That desire for smartphone-like connectivity in cars extends to automatic or on-demand updates of in-car apps as those updates become available. Receiving accurate and up-to-date information on the drivability of their car – maintenance scheduling, recalls, etc. – is an extra benefit that consumers will, chances are, learn to rely upon.

Valeo’s Hybrid4All: Affordable Hybrid System

July 17, 2014  by  

Hybrid4All Image

Developed to offer the best in price and performance, Valeo’s Hybrid4All makes hybrid technology affordable to all car companies and consumers. It delivers system functions including braking energy recovery, electric motor boost and extended Stop-Start, and it is suitable for all types of vehicles, particularly those in the entry-level and mid-range segments.

Hybrid4All generates up to 15 percent fuel savings at half the cost of current hybrid solutions. The Hybrid4All architecture is based on a low-voltage 48V integrated inverter Belt Starter Generator (i-BSG) that reduces the cost of electrification, providing an affordable incentive for mass market adoption.

Bosch-Led European Research Project OpEneR Presents Findings on How to Improve EV Efficiency and Safety

July 17, 2014  by  

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The European research project OpEneR presented collaboratively developed driving strategies and driver assistance systems that will significantly improve the efficiency and safety of both electric and hybrid vehicles in the future.

This greater efficiency will help unlock the market for fully electric and hybrid vehicles: by increasing driving range without enlarging the battery. Engineers and researchers have worked to improve the electrical powertrain, the regenerative braking system, the navigation system, and the surround sensors, as well as on functions that connect these elements with each other.

NI System on Module (SOM) Combines SoC with Middleware and RTOS

July 17, 2014  by  

NI 7-17-1406101407_0620

National Instruments (NI) introduced NI SOM (System on Module), combining the Xilinx Zynq All Programmable system on a chip (SoC) with supporting components such as memory on a small PCB.

NI SOM also features a complete middleware solution and a ready-to-go Linux-based real-time operating system (RTOS). The NI SOM gives design teams the customizability of a SOM without the increased time and risk of developing custom software.

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