Volvo Upgrades to Microchip MOST150 Devices for Ethernet Packet Transport in the Volvo XC90

May 27, 2015  by  

8640011815_2d6876707d_z(1)MOST150 Standard Carries Ethernet Packets According to IEEE 802.3 Spec, Providing the Only Proven, Automotive-Ready In-Car Ethernet Physical Layer

Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP) announced that the Volvo Car Group smoothly migrated from MOST25 to the latest MOST150 standard in its all-new Volvo XC90 model, using Microchip’s OS81110 Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs).

After many years of using Microchip’s MOST25 INICs, Volvo Cars needed to enable its latest infotainment systems with the ability to carry Ethernet packets. MOST150 was a natural choice because, in addition to all of its other features, it is the first and only standard to provide a proven, automotive-ready physical layer for Ethernet packet transport inside cars. And it does so in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet specifications.

Vector Software Announces Enhanced Integration to Code Composer Studio™ IDE v6 from Texas Instruments®

May 27, 2015  by  

vector 5-26-15










Vector Software announced the integration of its VectorCAST Test Automation Platform with integrated development environment, Code Composer Studio™ IDE v6 from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI).

Code Composer Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports TI’s wireless connectivity, microcontroller and processors portfolio.

Code Composer Studio (CCS) comprises a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. It includes an optimizing C/C++ compiler, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, and many other features.

Seiko Instruments Launches High Performance Bipolar Latch-Type Hall Effect Sensor ICs

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seiko 52715 SEIKO_INSTRUMENTS_s-57p1-e











Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) announced the S-57P1 Series of bipolar latch type hall effect sensor ICs for automotive applications requiring high performance, reliability, and accuracy. Typical applications include motors for fans and power steering.

The S-57P1 series features an operating temperature range of -40 ˚C up to 150 ˚C, an operating voltage range from 2.7V to 26.0V, and magnetic accuracy of ±1.0mT.

Master Procurement Fundamentals and Improve Profitability – Here’s Proof

May 27, 2015  by  

paul teague IMG_1402 2

Paul Teague

Toyota and Honda Have the Best Relationships With Suppliers

By Paul Teague

Mastering the fundamentals of procurement can bring big gains in operating profit. Conversely, weakness in the fundamentals can cause companies to miss out on those gains. Today, we learned just how much money that could be, at least in the automotive industry.

The latest North American Automotive Tier 1 Supplier Working Relations Index Study, released recently by consultancy Planning Perspectives, Inc. (PPI), says that Toyota and Honda have the best relationships with suppliers and have benefitted economically from their SRM efforts. Among the benefits: early access to suppliers’ new technology, support from suppliers beyond that required by contract terms, and greater price concessions.

A Closer Look at ADAS Benefits and Risks

May 23, 2015  by  


Jeff Blecher agero

Jeff Blecher, Agero Senior VP, Strategy

Q&A With Jeff Blecher, Agero Senior VP, Strategy.

Agero is working with the AgeLab and the New England University Transportation Center to study the risks and benefits associated with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Are automakers designing features that assume a driver is paying attention?
Automakers are taking different paths regarding driver attention – some are using eye tracking technologies, some are requiring you to keep your hands on the steering wheel, and others are relying on the driver to mostly self-monitor.

MIT AgeLab, New England University Transportation Center and Agero Study ADAS Benefits and Risks

May 23, 2015  by  

mit agelabnew england utc






The MIT AgeLab, the New England University Transportation Center and Agero are working together to assess the safety relevant benefits of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the risks involved with in-vehicle demands.

The collaboration will draw initially upon the automotive insurance industry and eventually involve automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and the consumer electronics industry. It will attempt to:

• Characterize the relative safety benefits of various ADAS in different operating contexts
• Develop objective data on the utilization of these systems
• Establish normative and environmentally valid characterizations of “safety critical events”
• Collect the most up-to-date set of data on the ecosystem of electronics usage and related distractions in the vehicle

Analog Devices 4-channel, 24-GHz Receiver Downconverter MMIC Combines Low-Noise, High Linearity and Low Power Consumption.

May 21, 2015  by  

analog devices 5-21-15 ADF-5904-Product-Release-Image-FinalAnalog Devices, Inc. introduced the ADF5904, a highly integrated, 4-channel, 24-GHz receiver downconverter MMIC that combines low-noise performance, high linearity and low-power consumption.

The ADF5904 is designed for multi-channel receiver, high-frequency applications that use digital beam forming, such as automotive ADAS, microwave radar sensors, and industrial radar systems – environments where energy efficiency is becoming a more important system-level design consideration.

The ADF5904 24-GHz receiver enables these and other sensor applications by offering best-in-class receive sensitivity, according to the company, while using less overall power than competing RF technologies.

Silicon Storage Technology and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce Qualification of Automotive Grade 55nm Embedded Flash Memory Technology

May 15, 2015  by  

Microchip Technology Inc., through its Silicon Storage Technology (SST) subsidiary, and GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a leading provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, announced the full qualification and availability of SST’s 55nm embedded SuperFlash® non-volatile memory (NVM) on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 55nm Low Power Extended (LPx)/ RF enabled platform.

The qualification of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 55nm, split-gate-cell SuperFlash technology-based process was performed according to JEDEC standards. This process technology also met the requirements of AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualification with an ambient temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, and demonstrated endurance of 100K program/erase cycles with more than 20 years of data retention at 150°C.

CogniVue Opus Vision Processing Core Battles for ADAS Market Share

May 12, 2015  by  

cognivue logo
Asserts Critical Competitive Advantages Vs. Mobileye

At the Embedded Vision Alliance Summit 2015 in Santa Clara, CogniVue Corporation said its new APEX Processing Core, Opus, is at the center of an intense battle for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) market share as challengers to Mobileye, the current market share leader, line up to capture business for next-generation ADAS systems.

Next-generation ADAS systems will provide a range of critical new autonomous driving functions requiring orders of magnitude more performance than previous offerings. CogniVue said its Opus APEX core offers dramatic advances in performance per power at a critical time in this disruption of the ADAS market.

Microchip to Acquire Micrel

May 8, 2015  by  

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micren logo

Microchip Technology and Micrel (NASDAQ: MCRL) announced that Microchip has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Micrel for $14.00 per share.

The acquisition price represents a total equity value of about $839 million, and a total enterprise value of about $744 million.

“Micrel’s portfolio of Linear and Power Management products, LAN solutions and Timing and Communications products, as well as their strong position in the Industrial, Automotive and Communications markets, complement many of Microchip’s initiatives in these areas,” said Microchip President and CEO Steve Sanghi.

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