Linear Technology High Voltage Automotive Battery Stack Monitor Achieves 0.04% Measurement Accuracy

November 18, 2015  by  

linear 11-18-15

0.04% Accurate, High Voltage Multicell Battery Stack Monitor with Isolated Communications up to 100M

Linear Technology announced the LTC6811 high voltage battery stack monitor, a drop-in replacement for the LTC6804 with higher performance and a 25% lower price.

The LTC6811 is a complete battery measuring IC for hybrid/electric vehicles that incorporates a deep buried Zener voltage reference, high voltage multiplexers, 16-bit delta-sigma ADCs and a 1Mbps isolated serial interface.

An LTC6811 can measure up to 12 series-connected battery cell voltages with better than 0.04% accuracy. With 8 programmable 3rd order low pass filter settings, the LTC6811 is said to provide outstanding noise reduction. In the fastest ADC mode, all cells can be measured within 290µsec.

TI’s Smart Diode Controller Has Zero Quiescent Current

November 16, 2015  by  

ti 11-16-15 LM74610-Q1 Press Photo
Zero quiescent current solution for reverse polarity protection in automotive and other applications

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) introduced what it said is the industry’s first smart diode controller with zero quiescent current. According to the company, the LM74610-Q1  provides better efficiency versus Schottky diodes and p-channel MOSFETs. It also provides lower power consumption and heat in a compact solution size, making it well-suited for reverse polarity protection in high-current industrial power tool and automotive applications.

For more information, samples and an evaluation module, visit

Mentor Graphics Announces New FloTHERM Product with Automated Calibration for Package Model Accuracy

November 12, 2015  by  


Mentor Graphics new FloTHERM product uses optimization methods to change the model inputs and drive simulation structure functions toward the experimental structure function until a match is achieved for a fully calibrated model. This methodology ensures correct and accurate performance in any transient thermal application. (PRNewsFoto/Mentor Graphics Corporation)

Mentor Graphics new FloTHERM product uses optimization methods to change the model inputs and drive simulation structure functions toward the experimental structure function until a match is achieved for a fully calibrated model. This methodology ensures correct and accurate performance in any transient thermal application. (PRNewsFoto/Mentor Graphics Corporation)


Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) announced the newest version of its FloTHERM® product, a powerful and accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software solution.

The FloTHERM product was developed to quickly identify potential thermal issues early in the design process to avoid expensive late stage re-design and warranty costs arising from thermal failures in the field.

Trillium Offers Encryption and Key Management Software to Improve Automotive CAN Bus Security

November 10, 2015  by  


After a five-year development effort Trillium Inc., a small (12-person) Japan-based firm, is able to offer software-based security for CAN buses. It expects to offer the same for LIN and other communication topologies.

Trillium offers SecureCAN™ for encryption and Dynamic Key-Lock Pairing™ (DKLP), Trillium’s proprietary key management system, which is customized for protecting the automotive CAN bus.

SecureCAN uses TrilliumCipher™, which the firm describes as an ultra lightweight, symmetric block cipher with variable block size and key size. The cipher consists of three algorithms: Substitution, Transposition, and Time Multiplex.

Suzuki Adopts a Multifaceted Bosch Infotainment System

November 5, 2015  by  

bosch 1-CM-21772 (2)
User-friendly route guidance based on SD map navigation

The Bosch infotainment system that Suzuki is introducing in several models worldwide creates, according to Bosch, a connected information system that offers a broad range of infotainment and assistance functions aimed at meeting today’s demands for added value.

The system ensures that passengers in Suzuki vehicles can stay in constant contact with the outside world. The 7-inch color touch-screen displays connectivity options including smartphone integration via Mirror Link™ and Apple CarPlay®, advanced map navigation and voice control, a hands-free Bluetooth® system, and music via audio-streaming or “crystal-clear” radio reception with digital radio in Europe.

Allegro MicroSystems 2D Speed & Direction Sensor IC

November 4, 2015  by  

allegro 11-3-15 A1262-Product-Image
Allegro MicroSystems, LLC announced what it described as a unique dual-channel Hall-effect latch featuring two-dimensional (2D) sensing via a combination of vertical Hall and planar Hall elements. The A1262 targets automotive as well as industrial and consumer applications.

The quadrature outputs of the A1262 allow rotation direction and position to be determined, such as when sensing a rotating ring-magnet target. The unique 2D operation of the combined planar and vertical Hall elements allows the end user to achieve an ideal 90° of phase separation between channels that is inherently independent of ring magnet geometry (pole pitch). This enables system designers to achieve new mechanical configurations not feasible with traditional planar Hall sensors, including replacing through-hole SIP devices with tiny surface-mount SOT23 ICs, saving space and cost.

Teledyne LeCroy Releases Harmonics Calculation Option for MDA800 Series Motor Drive Analyzers

November 4, 2015  by  

teledyne lecroy 11-3-15 2015-11-03
Teledyne LeCroy introduced a new Harmonics Calculation option for the Motor Drive Analyzer (MDA800) series.

This optional software package enhances the standard capabilities of the Motor Drive Analyzer software by adding advanced harmonic filtering for AC Input and Drive Output Numeric table measurements; Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) measurement parameters for voltage, current, and power, and a new Harmonic Order table with Spectral waveform displays.

Advanced Harmonic Filtering
The standard Motor Drive Analyzer software provides either Full Spectrum (no harmonic filter applied) or Fundamental Only harmonic filters. The new option adds a Fundamental+N and a Range Filter. The Fundamental+N filter allows the user to specify how many (N) harmonics from the fundamental to include in the Numerics table calculations.

Silicon Labs Digital Isolator offers 10 kV Surge Protection

November 3, 2015  by  

silicon image 11-3-15
Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) introduced a new family of multi-channel digital isolators featuring a high-voltage isolation barrier designed to withstand 10 kV surge hits.

Based on Silicon Labs’ proprietary capacitive isolation technology, the new Si86xxxT digital isolator family provides robust protection against secondary lightning strikes and increases system reliability in battery management systems for electric vehicles, among other applications.

Silicon Labs said its Si86xxxT digital isolator family delivers the industry’s fastest, most accurate timing specifications, highest noise immunity and reliability, lowest electromagnetic noise emissions and longest lifetimes under high-voltage conditions. The Si86xxxT digital isolators are ideal for applications that must withstand a 10 kV hit.

Seiko LDO Regulator Offers 50V Input Voltage, 200mA Output Current in a Compact New Package

November 2, 2015  by  

seiko 11-2-15 2380773_S-19200-Image-Eng
The S-19200 Series allows customers to use TO-252-5S, a newly developed compact package with high heat dissipation

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) releases the S-19200 Series automotive LDO regulator with high input voltage of 50V, adopting a newly developed compact package TO-252-5S (6.5 x 6.5 x t1.3 mm) with high heat dissipation.

The new TO-252-5S can be mounted on the existing pad area of the industry standard TO-252-5 (DPAK) and has approximately the same heat dissipation, while realizing a mounting area reduction of 35% and height reduction of nearly 50%. An even more compact HSOP-6 package (6.0 x 5.02 x t1.75 mm) capable of high heat dissipation is also available.

Diodes Incorporated MOSFET Protects ECUs Against Reverse-Battery Connections

October 29, 2015  by  

DI0838_DMP4015SPSQ-NPS-imageThe DMP4015SPSQ 40V P-channel MOSFET, introduced by Diodes Incorporated, is designed to protect automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs) against the risk of reverse-battery connection. ECUs are used in a growing number of automotive control applications and, with some vehicles deploying up to 80 ECUs, the need to protect each one demands a solution.

The DMP4015SPSQ MOSFET acts as an ideal diode, allowing current to flow when the battery is correctly connected and blocking the current when the battery is accidentally connected in the reverse direction. Driving this device only requires a minimal number of passive components. By comparison N-channel MOSFETs require a charge pump to provide the gate drive voltage. Eliminating the switching topology of a charge pump avoids issues with EMI emissions.

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