Continental Focuses on Connectivity at CES

January 12, 2015  by  

Continental_LTE 1-12-15At the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas Continental highlighted how automotive electronics benefit from connecting the vehicle to the cloud.

“We are demonstrating how the online world is rapidly evolving to make our vehicles more attractive, safer and more efficient,” said Helmut Matschi, member of the Continental Executive Board and head of the Interior division. “(At CES) we are showcasing ready-to-market solutions for the intelligent vehicle to our customers.”

The Dynamic Electronic Horizon (eHorizon)
Together with its collaboration partner IBM and the location cloud company HERE, Continental is turning the digital map into a high-precision and constantly up-to-date sensor that can be used for much more than just navigation.

MHL Consortium Announces superMHL – the First A/V Specification With Support for up to 8K

January 6, 2015  by  

Features New Consumer-Friendly, Reversible superMHL Connector for CE Devices

2015-01-06_superMHL Cable1_FINAL

MHL has introduced a new reversible superMHL connector.

The MHL Consortium announced the superMHL™ specification, the next generation of MHL® technology for consumer electronics and mobile devices.

With more than 750 million MHL devices on the market, superMHL is backward-compatible with previous MHL 1, 2 and 3 specification versions and supports the latest HDCP 2.2 content protection for the secure delivery of premium content.

The superMHL specification is said to deliver significant mobile advancements such as higher resolution and frame rates along with 40W of power charging, while broadening MHL’s reach in home theater connectivity by supporting 8K video resolution and expanded audio formats.

Broadcom NFC Chip Simplifies Mobile Device Connectivity

January 5, 2015  by  

broadcom 52567_PR_IMG_BCM89095_NFC_Automotive_finalDrivers can pair a mobile device by simply tapping it against the dashboard, rather than navigating menus on two separate screens

At CES International 2015 Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM) expanded its connected car device offerings with a new automotive-grade Near Field Communications (NFC) chip, BCM89095.

The highly-integrated chip with tap-to-connect technology is designed to simplify the set-up process for mobile device connectivity within the vehicle and to enable a range of comfort and convenience applications including keyless entry and vehicle settings.

Monotype Spark Enables Scalable Type on Low End Platforms, Including Automotive Dashboards

January 5, 2015  by  

spark auto demo1 Scalable Text Optimized for Memory Efficiency;
An Alternative to Hard-Coded Bitmap Solutions

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE) introduced Monotype® Spark™, a type and technology solution that enables designers and engineers to create products with high-quality scalable text interfaces in low-end platforms with limited run-time memory; for example, dashboards in economy cars.

According to Monotype, a tier 1 automotive supplier is using Monotype Spark for its lower-end automotive clusters and head-up-displays.

The Monotype Spark solution consists of iType® Spark and WorldType® Shaper Spark software, and a set of optimized fonts.

Hyundai Debuts Blue Link Smartwatch App at CES

January 2, 2015  by  

hyundai 297410Starting early in 2015 Hyundai owners will be able to connect with their cars using wearable devices and the Hyundai Blue Link® smartwatch app.

Hyundai will debut and demonstrate the Blue Link smartwatch app at Pepcom’s Digital Experience on January 5 and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) January 6-9.

Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link platform allows features like remote start and service information to be quickly accessed through devices like smartwatches and smartphones. Hyundai partnered with Station Digital Media to develop the Blue Link smartwatch app.

Johnson Controls’ Lithium-Ion Batteries Power Jaguar Land Rover’s 2014 Hybrid Range Rover

December 18, 2014  by  

johnson 12-18-14 JLR+battery+pack
Johnson Controls is supplying its advanced Lithium-ion batteries for the 2014 Hybrid Range Rover.

Production of the cells and complete battery systems is underway at Johnson Controls’ manufacturing facility in Holland, Michigan.

Hybrid batteries are a part of the company’s full-spectrum of energy storage solutions for vehicles to help automakers meet increasing regulations for fuel efficiency and emission reductions across their fleets.

“As the first company in the world to produce Lithium-ion batteries for mass production hybrid vehicles, we are excited to work with Jaguar Land Rover,” said Lisa Bahash, vice president and general manager of the Original Equipment Group for Johnson Controls Power Solutions.

Linear Technology Micropower 80V Input LDO in SOT-23 Package Now Available in – 55°C to +125°C MP Grade

December 15, 2014  by  

linear 12-15-14

Micropower 80V LDO in MP Grade

Linear Technology Corporation announces a new military MP grade version of the LT3014B, a high voltage, micropower, low dropout regulator capable of delivering 20mA output current.

The LT3014B operates with a continuous input voltage range of 3V to 80V and generates output voltages from 1.22V to 60V with a low dropout of 350mV, making it ideal for automotive, 48V telecom backup supplies and industrial control applications.

Ultralow quiescent current of 7µA (operating) and 1µA (in shutdown) make it an excellent choice for battery-powered memory “keep alive” systems that require optimal run time.

Melexis Adds Automotive-Qualified MEMS-Based Pressure Sensors for Direct & Oil-Filled Sensing Systems

December 12, 2014  by  

melexis 12-12-14 MLXPR39_HRESMelexis introduced two new pressure sensor products that combine high sensitivity and strong linearity.

Fully automotive qualified (exceeding AEC-Q100 requirements), the MLX90815 and MLX90816 are discrete micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) devices for measuring absolute pressure in demanding operational environments.

The MLX90815 is designed for optimal performance when determining pressures from 0 to 30 bar absolute, while the MLX90816 covers full scale pressures ranging from 30 bar to 50 bar absolute. Both have a maximum deviation in their linearity of just 0.2% FS. Typical sensitivity for the MLX90815 is 1.5mV/V/bar and for the MLX90816 it is 0.5mV/V/bar.

Bourns New Power Inductor Series Offers DC/DC Conversion Performance for Automotive Applications

December 10, 2014  by  

bourns 12-10-14 _ic1474_auto_#20A0DA4 (3)

New Series of Nine AEC-Q200 Qualified Non-shielded and Shielded Devices
Meet Requirements for Low Profile, Weight, High Current and Low Power

Bourns, Inc. announced the company’s new SMD Power Inductor Series that includes nine new devices designed for automotive applications.

Designated the Bourns® Models SDE0403A, SDE0604A, SDE0805A, SRF0703A, SRF0905A, SRF1280A, SRR0745A, SRR1210A and SRR6040A, the new series consists of non-shielded and shielded construction devices that are AEC-Q200 qualified.

The series features inductance values from 0.47 to 6500 μH, has a heating current range up to 17.9 A and offers profiles as low as 3.2 mm. These features make Bourns® power inductors suitable for a broad array of automotive applications that include driver assistant devices, information/entertainment systems and lighting.

AVX Releases Smallest, Thinnest Fused Undertab High CV Tantalum SMD Chip Capacitors

December 8, 2014  by  

avx 12-8-14 AVV882 F98-AS1 Series High CV Caps PRF98-AS1 Series capacitors feature a 0805 (2012 metric) S case, 0.9mm maximum height, and an internal thin film fuse to protect against short circuits.

AVX Corporation has released a new series of fused high CV tantalum SMD chip capacitors with undertab terminations.

The F98-AS1 Series capacitors feature a proprietary lead-frame-less structure with precise dimensions and low stress packaging, an internal thin film fuse that protects against short circuits, and well-established undertab termination technology that enables high volumetric efficiency and high PCB assembly density.

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