Mentor Graphics Extends Nucleus RTOS; Targets Next-Generation Applications for Embedded Devices

August 20, 2014  by  

Mentor Graphics Corporation Nucleus with Multicore Framework
Mentor Graphics Corporation announced a new version of the Mentor® Embedded Nucleus® real time operating system (RTOS) targeting high-performance, next-generation applications for connected embedded devices.

The Nucleus RTOS process model is expanded to include ARM® Cortex® M- based cores. For the first time, software developers can use a single embedded operating system to increase system reliability through memory partitioning for the entire spectrum of ARM cores, facilitating code reuse across an entire product family comprising low-end to high-end devices.

New in this release is a multicore framework to manage inter-process communication (IPC) and processor life cycle for complex heterogeneous system-on-chip (SoC) and enhanced Nucleus RTOS graphics capabilities with Imagination and Vivante GPU support.

TI Introduces Ultra-Low Quiescent Current, High-Voltage LDOs for Direct-to-Battery Automotive Applications

August 20, 2014  by  

LDO_automotive_NPR (4)

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced 17 new AEC-Q100-qualified, high-voltage LDOs for automotive and industrial applications.

The new ultra-low quiescent current LDOs, including the TPS7A16xx-Q1 with 60-V input, TPS7A66xx-Q1 and TPS7B67xx families, and the TPS7B4250-Q1 LDO, support many applications that connect directly to a car or truck battery, such as cluster, power steering and infotainment systems, door modules and lighting controls.

For more information, to order samples or purchase evaluation modules for the new ultra-low quiescent current, high-voltage LDOs, visit

Melexis Low Pin Count N-FET Pre-Driver Targets Automotive High Current DC Motor Applications

August 20, 2014  by  

melexis 8-20-14
To complement its brushless direct current (BLDC) pre-driver portfolio and address conventional DC motor applications, Melexis introduces the MLX83100 N-FET pre-driver IC.

Offered in a compact 28-pin package, with four digital inputs, this pre-driver IC provides a very flexible, inexpensive and space-saving solution for high current N-FET DC motors.

Though BLDC motors are now becoming increasingly commonplace, DC motors are still more cost effective in a broad spectrum of application areas, especially where the motor is not continuously running.

Automotive Applications

K2L KG Automotive Test System Supports All Major Automotive Busses for Test and Simulation

August 19, 2014  by  

k2l ATS_Diagram_2014-03_7x5
K2L GmbH & Co. & Co. KG announced its Automotive Test System (ATS), which is a singular hardware and software tool that supports all of the major automotive busses for all of the activities related to test and simulation, such as rest bus simulation, device simulation, testing during system development and rapid prototyping.

ATS also covers all of the requirements for conducting analysis and verification. By combining all of these functions and support for the CAN, LIN, FlexRay® and MOST® networks into one tool, ATS provides the most cost-effective and flexible option to the automotive industry. It also enables automated testing and any kind of simulation, helping to ensure quality from the earliest design stages.

Pioneer Adds Nine In-Dash Receivers Models for Smartphone Connectivity

August 18, 2014  by  

pioneer FH-X720BT_300dpi5in

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. introduced nine new CD receivers and one digital media receiver for 2015 that are designed for smartphone-centric consumers.

The FH-X720BT, FH-X520UI, DEH-X6700BS, DEH-X6700BT, DEH-X5700HD, DEH-X4700BT, DEH-X3700S, DEH-X3700UI, and DEH-X2700UI CD receivers and the MVH-X370BT CD-free digital media receiver offer new cosmetics and expanded smartphone integration to match today’s consumer lifestyle.

The new lineup is integrated with an assortment of convenient features and technologies including Bluetooth® Dual Device Connection, Bluetooth pairing via USB, Wideband Speech Hands free Profile 1.6, Bluetooth Music Library Browsing (AVRCP 1.5). Siri Eyes Free functionality, simple Pandora® station creation, and Android™ Media Transfer Protocol (MTP).

Creating a New Center Console Based on HMI Concepts

August 13, 2014  by  

Preh_Center Console Concept 2013 console only


By Barrett Kalellis

For the past decade, car manufacturers and their suppliers have given a lot of consideration to human-machine interface (HMI) factors in the design of auto interiors, particularly with respect to various controls that drivers need to access during vehicle operation.

This trend is gathering momentum, as designers try to integrate ever more sophisticated HVAC, navigation and infotainment control systems into the cockpit.

Based on customer feedback about a previous console design, German auto supplier Preh used its long-standing innovative and advanced development expertise to premiere a new center console concept with much acclaim at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, making new inroads with HMI.

Continental’s Control Unit for Audi 7-speed S tronic Dual Clutch Transmission Meets ASIL D Requirements

August 5, 2014  by  


The control unit developed by Continental for the new generation of the Audi 7-speed S tronic dual clutch transmission marks a new milestone.

“The challenges we faced in this new control unit included packing far more functionalities into less space while, at the same time, ensuring that the control unit supports the outstanding fuel efficiency of this transmission, the dynamic performance it enables, and its fast shifting,” said Rudolf Stark, Head of the Transmission Business Unit within Continental’s Powertrain Division.

LDRA Reduces Tool Suite On-Target Footprint by 60%

July 31, 2014  by  

ldra_target_footprint_300 7-31-14

LDRA tool suite implementation is now so small and fast that test environment mirrors the speed and functionality of application execution

LDRA has optimized the LDRA tool suite target implementation to deliver the same comprehensive software test and verification capabilities with a 60 percent smaller on-target footprint.

The reduced footprint minimizes test overhead significantly so that time-critical dependencies can now be properly traced. Instrumentation overhead no longer interferes with the real-time execution on the target.

New Verification Method Reduces Overhead to 5-10 Times Less than Conventional Approaches

Surface-Mount Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors on Aluminum Nitride Substrates Deliver Power Ratings to 6W

July 31, 2014  by  

vishay new aluminum14740427311_de01d4e700_o

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of high-power, surface-mount precision thin film chip resistors. Built on aluminum nitride substrates, PCAN series devices offer power ratings of 2 W and 6 W in compact 1206 and 2512 case sizes, respectively.

The aluminum nitride substrates of the Vishay Dale Thin Film resistors released today feature enlarged backside terminations to reduce the thermal resistance between the topside resistor layer and the solder joint on the end user’s circuit assembly. As a result, the devices provide four times the power handling capability of commercial chip resistors, making them ideal for use in power supplies for industrial, telecommunications, test and measurement, medical, and military and aerospace equipment and instrumentation.

Linear Technology UL60950-Recognized 2kVAC, 2.5W Isolated µModule Converter in 9mm x 15mm x 4.92mm BGA

July 30, 2014  by  

linear 07-30-14

UL60950 Recognized 2kVAC, 2.5W Isolated µModule Converter


Linear Technology Corporation introduced the LTM8046, a 2.5W output DC/DC µModule® (micromodule) converter with 2kVAC galvanic isolation (production tested to 3kVDC) in a 9mm x 15mm x 4.92mm ball grid array (BGA) package.

A minimum creepage distance of 4.3mm on the package exterior supports operation at a working voltage up to 400VRMS in a pollution degree 2 environment.*

The isolated transformer, control circuitry, power switches, and a modest amount of input and output capacitance are encased in the BGA package. The UL60950 recognized (file# 464570) LTM8046, combined with three 1206 case size or smaller ceramic capacitors and one 0603 size resistor, comprise a highly compact solution for isolated transportation and other applications.

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