Bsquare launches TestQuest 10 to automate test creation and execution for embedded devices and applications

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Integrated with popular development tools, TestQuest 10 improves product reliability and shortens time-to-market

BSQUARE Corporation announced the availability of TestQuest 10, a new product within the company’s test automation technology suite that brings together key strengths of TestQuest Pro for test creation and TestQuest CountDown for test execution, benefiting embedded device and/or application developers, including automakers and suppliers, via more reliable products and shorter development cycles.

“Consumers have decreasing tolerance for anything that doesn’t work right, and if they don’t like a product, word can spread very quickly,” notes John Traynor, Bsquare vice president Products. “The more thoroughly a product is tested prior to launch, the more reliable it’s likely to be.”

Traynor adds that it’s significantly more expensive to fix defects after a product has been launched. But at the same time, developers are under incredible pressure to add new features and ship products sooner. “The result is less time available for testing – and especially for manual testing, which is very labor-intensive.”

Traynor describes TestQuest 10 as a test automation solution that is the best of both worlds. “It combines the flexible, extensible test creation of TestQuest Pro and the distributed, scalable test execution of TestQuest CountDown. In addition, we did extensive product research and added many of our customers’ top requests. The result is a solution that provides greater breadth and depth of automated testing while delivering tremendous value to customers.”

No need to learn to use new tools

TestQuest 10 reduces the cost and complexity of test case development by integrating with the most popular commercial software development environment, Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as with popular software version control systems. This integration helps customers get started quickly without needing to learn an entirely new set of tools. TestQuest 10 supports test development using any language that supports the .NET common language runtime (CLR), including C#, Visual Basic, IronPython, IronRuby, and others.

The key technology improvements included in the new TestQuest 10 solution help application developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) get their products to market quickly, saving time and money, by reducing test costs and complexity while also increasing software and device quality.

TestQuest 10 highlights:

  • Reduces per-test pass costs and complexity of test case development by integrating with popular tools;
  • Scalable automation enables test case reuse across multiple devices, increasing execution accuracy;
  • Supports test execution on desktop prototypes, emulators and simulators, enabling test execution to start before production hardware is available;
  • Supports testing for devices running on Android and Windows Embedded platforms
  • Improved intelligent text recognition and language capabilities – up to 92% processing speed improvement.

Lowers test pass cost; increases execution accuracy

TestQuest 10 lowers the cost of each test pass while increasing test execution accuracy. Scalable automation enables test cases to be reused multiple times across multiple devices and also reduces the mental and physical strain caused by repetitive manual testing. Testing productivity can be further increased through distributed test execution, which provides customers with the ability to test using geographically distributed development and test teams. Additional productivity savings are gained by the product integrating with Microsoft Test and many popular third-party and open source testing tools which allows teams familiar with these tools to be immediately productive with TestQuest 10.

“The TestQuest 10 solution mimics the actual type of interaction a human would have with a device without the limitations, strain and errors associated with manual testing. The automation features in TestQuest 10 can also improve the quality of testing,” Traynor continues. “It provides testing that’s similar to what would be encountered in the real world—across multiple environments, in different geographies, and with varied hardware—so developers and device manufacturers can detect defects that might not otherwise arise in a single location or test environment.”

TestQuest 10 accelerates customers’ time to market by allowing test development and test execution to start with desktop prototypes, device emulators and simulators, even before production hardware is available. Customers can then transition testing to production devices and execute tests without changing any underlying test code.

TestQuest 10 supports test development and execution under 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 environments and various target device types including those running Android and Windows Embedded platforms. The new product also features improved intelligent text recognition (ITR) across all supported language sets.

92% processing speed improvement

The additional language capabilities in the product demonstrate the Bsquare commitment to internationalization and localization, especially for the Asia Pacific market. Compared to prior test automation products, customers will see up to a 92% processing speed improvement for major European languages and up to a 40% increase in accuracy for Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

“Customers decide what test cases they want to develop, and those tests can run 24×7 using automation versus manual testers,” Traynor concludes. “We’re seeing dramatic improvement in customers’ ability to get products to market quickly, and they are seeing a big improvement in customer satisfaction. Our automated testing technology helps them reduce risk by identifying defects more reliably – avoiding false passes and fails, for example. The fact that each test is identical can help developers identify defects that might otherwise be hard to find, and these reliability benefits are available without developers having to learn to use new tools.”

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