Bosch sub-$450 EV charging station

May 8, 2013  by  


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, formerly SPX Service Solutions, introduced Power Max, an electric vehicle (EV) charging station with a price point of less than $450 – roughly half the cost of current EV charging stations, offering 240V charging, and reducing charging time by half, according to the company.

The Bosch Power Max is UL-certified in the United States and Canada. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has provided more than 16,000 EV charging stations and performed more than 6,000 installations.

Power Max features include:

  • No-touch operation, making charging as simple as plugging the vehicle in and walking away
  • NEMA 3R enclosure for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Standard safety features including a cord breakaway system and non-live current wire
  • Visible LED indicator, indicating charging state
  • Hardwired on/off switch to completely shut off power to the unit and ensure no power is consumed
  • Available in 16 Amp or 30 Amp configurations with cord length up to 25 feet

“EV drivers will primarily charge at home”

 “We believe that for the foreseeable future most EV drivers will primarily charge at home,” said Tanvir Arfi, President, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. “Because many of the incentives available to offset the costs of purchasing and installing residential Level 2 charging stations are expiring, we believe it’s critical to maintain the momentum towards Level 2 by offering high quality, but lower cost charging solutions to our customers. We are excited to offer the Power Max, as it accomplishes this objective.”

Customers can call 877.805.3873 to place an order. The Power Max will begin shipping in early June.

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