Important Message

August 9, 2016  by  

John H. Day, founder of John Day’s Automotive Electronics–Insight for Engineers,
passed away July 31, 2016. With his passing, this website will close.

John wrote about electronics for more than 40 years, for newspapers, public relations
firms, and technical magazines such as Electronics News, EE Times, and Design
News. A graduate of both Northeastern University and Penn State University, he had
academic degrees in journalism, but he learned electronics as an officer in the US Army
Signal Corps, serving tours in the US, as well as in Vietnam.

Automated Testing of Infotainment Systems

October 22, 2015  by  

Danlaw Incorporated


This white paper outlines how Danlaw’s Mx- SuiteTM IVI Test Software can be used to improve IVI system testing and reduce the challenges faced by IVI systems developers…

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Smartphone Ecosystem Begets Smarter Vehicles

October 21, 2015  by  

By Kevin Yee and Peter Lefkin, MIPI Alliance


Comparing advances in mobile technology and smart cars is like comparing apples and oranges, but automobiles – which have become smartphones on wheels – are becoming “smart cars,” made possible by the innovations in mobile technology. Technology used to advance smartphones – and tablets and other devices – is what is allowing the fast evolution of smarter cars, including audio, visual and tactile interfaces such as touchpads to deliver applications such as infotainment systems, assisted-driving systems, built-in GPS, satellite radio menus and even vehicle-to-vehicle communications…

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