Teledyne LeCroy Adds New Measurement and Graphing Features to Its CAN FD Solution

November 25, 2014  by  

Teledyne LeCroy CAN FD TDM











Teledyne LeCroy has added new measurement and graphing capabilities to its CAN Flexible Data-Rate (FD) serial trigger and decode solution.

Teledyne LeCroy is the only provider of CAN FD measurement and graphing capabilities, and was the first to provide a trigger and decode solution for CAN FD in June 2014. The new CAN FD trigger and decode solution with measurement and graphing capabilities (CAN FD TDM) enables designers using this new standard to gain unprecedented insight in to their systems, correlating physical layer signals and protocol layer data on a single display while also measuring and plotting bus performance. These tools can be used to measure the time between two CAN or CAN FD messages, or from a message to an analog signal. These measurements can then be extracted to recreate analog waveforms.

Microchip Introduces 5V dsPIC33 “EV” Family for Enhanced Noise Immunity and Robustness in Harsh Environments

November 25, 2014  by  

microchip 11-25-14 15659785849_bbc1143880_b

Devices Feature Advanced Motor Control, CAN, SENT and Touch Peripherals for Automotive and Other Applications

Microchip Technology announced from the SPS IPC Drives Conference in Germany a new family of 16-bit dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) with the dsPIC33 “EV” family.

This new family provides 5V operation for improved noise immunity and robustness, ideal for devices operating in harsh environments such as automotive applications.

The dsPIC33EV family is the first dsPIC(®) DSC with Error Correcting Code (ECC) Flash for increased reliability and safety. For safety-critical applications, the dsPIC33EV devices also include CRC, Deadman Timer (DMT), and Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT) peripherals as well as a backup system oscillator and certified Class B software.

Symtavision extends collaboration with Lauterbach to Improve Tool Integration with TRACE32®

November 25, 2014  by  

symtavision 11-25-14 SYM030Support added for rich traces with wait and release behavior, traces of runnable activity within tasks, and functional-level traces

Symtavision has extended its collaboration with Lauterbach to improve integration between SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer timing design tools and Lauterbach’s TRACE32® suite of modular microprocessor development tools.

The improved integration will better ensure the safety and reliability of automotive real-time software while also speeding development and reducing costs.

The existing workflow, which enables real-time traces from TRACE32 to be imported and analyzed using Symtavision’s SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer timing design and analysis tools, has been improved to facilitate better support of rich traces with wait and release behavior, the import of traces with runnable activity within tasks and the ability to import and analyze functional-level traces generated by TRACE32.

dSPACE SystemDesk 4.3 Generates Virtual ECUs According to AUTOSAR R4

November 25, 2014  by  


dSPACE has released version 4.3 of its AUTOSAR tool SystemDesk®. The software now enables design engineers and software integrators to generate virtual electronic control units (V-ECUs) according to AUTOSAR R4.

SystemDesk is used for the model-based development of ECU software, specifically, for designing the software architecture according to AUTOSAR and generating AUTOSAR-based V-ECUs. It supports the software architecture development process from modeling software components (SWCs) to specifying system-level hardware topology and network communication.

V-ECUs make testing new ECU functions without a hardware prototype fast and easy with the dSPACE virtual validation tool chain.

HARMAN Breaks Ground on New North American Automotive Headquarters

November 24, 2014  by  


HARMAN Chairman, President and CEO, Dinesh Paliwal, fourth from left, and Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley, third from right, break ground with HARMAN executives and government officials at the site of HARMAN’s new North American Automotive Headquarters. Left to right: Phil Eyler; Sachin Lawande; Nicole Thomson (Oakland Country Economic Development); Dinesh Paliwal; City of Novi Mayor Bob Gatt; Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley; Chris Thibodeau; and David Karch. (AP Photo/Tony Ding)

HARMAN International has broken ground on its new North American Automotive Headquarters.

CSR Adds BeiDouSupport to SiRFstarV Location Platform

November 24, 2014  by  

csr 160px-beidou_navigation_satellite_system_0CSR plc (LSE: CSR; NASDAQ: CSRE) announced two important software releases for the SiRFstarV™ 5ea automotive-grade quad-GNSS location platform. Support has been added for concurrent use of GPS and BeiDou (BDS) satellite constellations, along with major updates to the SiRFDRive® software dead reckoning algorithms.

Together, these upgrades ensure that SiRFstarV™ 5ea offers improved automotive positioning performance meeting the requirements of leading OEMs across the globe. By adding support for China’s BDS constellation to SiRFstarV™ 5ea’s existing GPS and GLONASS capabilities, the new software offers automotive OEMs the flexibility to perform concurrent GPS and GLONASS or GPS and BDS operations.

Two Sony Smartphones Are MirrorLink-Enabled.

November 21, 2014  by  

mirrorlink logoThe Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) confirmed that Sony’s Xperia™ Z3 and Xperia™ Z3 Compact are MirrorLink®-enabled.

“MirrorLink’s presence in Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact demonstrates just how prolific the MirrorLink global ecosystem has become,” said Alan Ewing, President and Executive Director of the CCC. “Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact’s focus on versatility and high performance make them a perfect showcase for MirrorLink’s ability to bring the power of the information age to drivers in a way that increases safety and enjoyment on today’s roads.”

Infiniti Lists Electronic System “Firsts”

November 21, 2014  by  

To mark 25 years in business, Infiniti summarized its accomplishments in automotive electronic systems:

Rear and Around View
Infiniti’s RearView Monitor, or backup camera, debuted on the 2002 Q45. The automaker first offered a 360-degree Around View® Monitor on the 2008 Infiniti EX35 and then enhanced the feature with Moving Object Detection.

Lane Departure Warning and Prevention; Blind Spot Intervention
Infiniti offered Lane Departure Warning on the 2005 Infiniti FX and Lane Departure Prevention on the 2008 Infiniti M. Prevention helps the driver bring the vehicle back into the proper lane. Blind Spot Intervention® (BSI) was introduced on the 2011 M.

Audi MIB-2 Platform Features NVIDIA Tegra 3 SoC

November 21, 2014  by  

audi 11-21-14 CES140058_medium__midAt the 2014 Connected Car Expo (CCE) in Los Angeles, Audi detailed key aspects of the advances in the electronics technology appearing in two of its newest models for 2015.

Audi explained how its MIB-2 (Modular Infotainment Platform) electronics architecture has dramatically shortened the timeline to introduce newer and more powerful processors used for infotainment and driver assistance systems.

MIB-2 debuts in the 2016 A6 and A7 model lines, which made their North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

JVC KENWOOD, Linaro and OpenSynergy Join Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Project

November 21, 2014  by  

automotive grade linux logo46 Companies Now Collaborating to Develop an Open Automotive Platform for the Connected Car

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative open source project developing a common, Linux-based software stack for the connected car, announced that JVC KENWOOD Corporation, Linaro and OpenSynergy are joining The Linux Foundation and AGL to collaborate on the creation of an open automotive reference platform to accelerate rapid innovation and delivery of the connected car experience.

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