AdaCore President Robert Dewar Succumbs to Cancer

July 3, 2015  by  


Robert Dewar

With great sadness, AdaCore announced the passing of Robert Dewar, company President and one of its founders. Dr. Dewar succumbed to cancer on June 30, 2015. He had a distinguished career as a Professor of Computer Science at New York University (NYU), played a key role in the design and implementation of the Ada programming language, and founded AdaCore, along with four colleagues, in 1994. He served as its CEO until 2012 and as its President until his death.

Nissan & 4R Energy Partner with Green Charge Networks for Energy Storage With Second-Life EV Batteries

July 3, 2015  by  

Nissan LEAFNissan Motor Company and commercial energy storage provider Green Charge Networks have joined forces to deploy second-life lithium-ion vehicle batteries for stationary commercial energy storage in the U.S. and international markets.

With more than 178,000 sales since its launch in late 2010, Nissan LEAF is the world’s top-selling electric vehicle. As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Nissan has conducted multiple research projects in Japan, the U.S. and Europe to use LEAF batteries outside the vehicle through 4R Energy, a joint-venture with Sumitomo Corp. formed in 2010.

HARMAN Achieves Automotive SPICE® Level 3 Certification

July 3, 2015  by  

harman LogoHARMAN (NYSE:HAR) announced that the HARMAN Connected Services Division has achieved Automotive SPICE® Organizational Process Capability Level 3 certification.

The independent assessment was conducted at multiple HARMAN locations (formerly Symphony Teleca), between September 2014 and April 2015 by Impronova AB and led by Alec Dorling, certified Principal Assessor.

New Fiat 500 Includes TomTom Live Services and Connected Navigation

July 3, 2015  by  

tomtom 7-3-15 150703_FIAT_Nuova-500_50TomTom (TOM2) announced the availability of its complete TomTom connected navigation solution in the new “Masterpiece reloaded” Fiat 500 Uconnect™ 5” Radio Nav LIVE system.

For the first time on a Fiat 500, the embedded infotainment system features the full TomTom experience with fresh maps, a routing engine, and five years of TomTom’s Live connected suite of services.

The TomTom connected services, part of FCA’s Uconnect™ LIVE offering, are also available on Fiat 500x and will be available on further selected models and countries across Europe.

Danish Road Directorate Chooses INRIX to Provide Real-Time Traffic Information

July 2, 2015  by  

INRIX logoDenmark has chosen INRIX to provide real-time traffic information throughout the country.

According to INRIX, the Danish Road Directorate, which has more than ten years of experience using GPS data to monitor traffic, recognizes that gathering real-time information from private and commercial vehicles is the most effective way to gain a comprehensive picture of traffic and congestion across Denmark.

In addition to more traditional traffic monitoring methods, using real-time information from connected vehicles and devices is a cost effective solution that will provide the Danish Road Directorate with an immediate view of what is happening throughout its entire national road network, improving traffic flow across more than 4,000 kilometres (almost 2,500 miles) of road. As a result, drivers will be provided with more accurate, real-time information about the most congested routes.

ZF TRW Fusion Systems Integrate Camera and Radar

July 2, 2015  by  

ZF TRW AC1000 Data FusionZF TRW has launched its first production passenger car and commercial vehicle radar and camera fusion systems to help meet market and regulatory requirements for high-level safety systems.

“Fusing the data from camera and radar every 30-40 milliseconds helps to confirm when a situation warrants action from on-board systems such as rapid braking via the electronic stability control system for Automatic Emergency Braking,” said Ken Kaiser, vice president, engineering for the ZF TRW global electronics business.

Elektrobit in Silicon Valley – Focused on Strategic Partnerships, and Hiring Engineers

July 1, 2015  by  


Walter Sullivan

Earlier this year Elektrobit (EB) announced that it’s opening a development center in the San Francisco-Bay area to extend the company’s software and systems innovations for in-car connectivity and autonomous driving. The center – Elektrobit’s Innovation Lab, in San Jose – is led by Walter Sullivan, who joined EB from Microsoft, where he was Senior Program Manager, Automotive. We asked him how the Lab is progressing so far:


JD: Can you discuss any of the projects you are working on?

I am focused on establishing key strategic partnerships as well as putting the finishing touches on our new office space, Elektrobit’s Innovation Lab, in San Jose.

Synopsys Acquires Security Solutions Provider

June 30, 2015  by  

synopsys logoElliptic Technologies Acquisition Complements DesignWare IP Portfolio with Security IP

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) has acquired Elliptic Technologies, a provider of security IP cores and software solutions for mobile, automotive, digital home, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing applications.

The acquisition follows Synopsys’ recent acquisition of Codenomicon and its plans to acquire Quotium’s Seeker product, demonstrating Synopsys’ continued investment in providing the electronics industry with technology for developing secure products.

Elliptic Technologies’ security IP solutions complement Synopsys’ DesignWare® IP portfolio with products including cryptography cores, security protocol accelerators and processors, Root of Trust embedded security IP modules, secure boot and cryptography middleware as well as content protection IP for integration into system-on-chips (SoCs).

JVIS USA Forms Open Dots Alliance to Promote Wire-Free Power for Charging Phones, Tablets, Etc. in Cars

June 30, 2015  by  

Mitch Randall Photo~13.may.2015

Mitch Randall

Wire-free charging is gaining wide acceptance among automotive manufacturers because vehicle owners want a hassle-free “drop and charge” means to charge phones while they drive.

Open Dots is an open standard for wire-free power that is currently in use on 12 vehicle models across five automotive brands (Ford, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge and Scion), and on INCIPIO phone cases.

There are no license fees or royalty payments associated with the standard, which can be used to charge tablets, laptop computers, power tools and other devices as well as phones.

IAR Systems Adds Development Tools for Freescale S32K

June 30, 2015  by  

IARIAR Systems® announced extensive development tools support for the new S32K product line from Freescale Semiconductor.

The new microcontrollers are tailored for automotive applications and will be supported by the complete C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM. AUTOSAR Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) support for the toolchain will also be available.

Since the introduction of the Kinetis product series from Freescale, IAR Systems has delivered development tools for Freescale’s ARM Cortex®-based MCUs. The new S32K product line is based on the ARM Cortex-M4 architecture and provides scalability and compatibility within an area of the automotive market traditionally served by a mix of 8-, 16- and 32-bit solutions. The new MCUs deliver professional software for AUTOSAR MCAL and other functionality, and include an IEEE-754 compliant Floating Point Unit (FPU).

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