Wind River Delivers Solutions for Next Generation ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Innovation

April 24, 2015  by  


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Wind River® has introduced Automotive Profile for VxWorks, AUTOSAR-compliant software to help customers develop ISO 26262 certifiable automotive safety-critical applications such as advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) to piloted and autonomous driving.

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive software and systems are becoming more complex and connectivity is expected to be ubiquitous. As software-driven applications become more prevalent in vehicles, keeping automotive systems secure and tamper-proof is important for vehicle and occupant safety.

IHS Automotive Identifies Apps and Technology Trends

April 24, 2015  by  


ihs logoA new report, Apps in the Car 2015, includes highlights from a recent consumer study conducted by IHS Automotive.

More than 4,000 vehicle owners intent on purchasing a new vehicle within the next 36 months were surveyed, representing four key automotive markets – the U.S., China, Germany and the United Kingdom. While results varied by region, key findings shed light on consumer preferences that manufacturers and apps developers can use to best address market needs as they develop new products for the global marketplace.

Dow Corning EA-7100 Adhesive Expands Automotive Electronics Design Options, Lowers Cost of Ownership

April 22, 2015  by  


Also Improves Silastic® Fluorosilicone Rubber (FSR)

2 Dow Corning EA-7100 Ashesive Photo

Image courtesy of Dow Corning

Dow Corning®, a global leader in silicones and silicon-based technology, introduced Dow Corning® EA-7100 Adhesive, a breakthrough silicone chemistry that greatly expands design options for automotive electronics by enabling strong bonds to a wide variety of substrates.

The one-part, heat-cure adhesive also cures rapidly and at lower temperatures from the “inside out” to greatly accelerate processing, lower energy use, and reduce material costs.

ARM Broadens Automotive Support With Functional Safety Package for ARM® Cortex®-A Processors

April 22, 2015  by  

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ARM Expects Vehicle Compute Performance to Increase 100x in Next Decade

ARM is licensing functional safety support across its Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M processor families to deliver even stronger alignment for automotive use as the industry seeks to meet rapidly rising compute demands.

The company said this will help the ARM ecosystem shape next-generation technologies as vehicle manufacturers plan increasingly complex driver assistance and infotainment systems. ARM-based SoCs are already widely used in the automotive sector.

Tensilica Fusion DSP Sets Low-Energy Benchmarks for IoT and Wireless Connectivity

April 22, 2015  by  

Xtensa_Innovation_PlatformCadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) announced the Cadence® Tensilica® Fusion digital signal processor (DSP) based on the proven Xtensa® Innovation Platform℠.

The scalable DSP targets applications requiring merged controller plus DSP computation, ultra-low energy and a small footprint. It can be designed into systems on chips (SoCs) for wearable activity monitoring, indoor navigation, context-aware sensor fusion, secure local wireless connectivity, face trigger, voice trigger and voice recognition.

Optional Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) optimizations are included for wireless protocols including Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee using IEEE 802.15.4, SmartGrid 802.15.4g, Wi-Fi 802.11n and 802.11ah, 2G and LTE Category 0 release 12 and 13, and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

Will My Car be Hacker Proof?

April 21, 2015  by  

adacore-robert_dewarBy Robert B. K. Dewar
Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, New York University
President, AdaCore

In February last year I asked the question “Will My Car be Safe to Drive?” where I worried that the safety-critical software aboard new cars (there is lots and lots of it) might not be reliable. Well I am still concerned about that, but now I have a new worry. Never mind bugs, what about hackers trying to sabotage this complex software aboard?

German Car Maker selects Parrot for Rear Seat Entertainment

April 21, 2015  by  

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Parrot said it supplies a premium German car maker with its FC7100 intelligent Display. Mass production will start in Q2.

The system will entertain rear passengers with advanced media sharing, distribution and synchronization playback on each display, connectivity, HD video, and a range of connected apps:

• Android Apps from Parrot Cloud such as Internet browser, mails, weather, news, etc.
• Video Call: video chat and instant messaging for Rear Seat Entertainment.
• Wide range of Games is provided to the passengers
• Internet music and video streaming, radio and TV apps aggregating stations from all over the world
• Internet connectivity on each RSE Display is enabled by connecting a phone (Wi-Fi® tethering) or using an in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot

Arynga Pre-integrating CarSync Over The Air Updating With Wind River Automotive Software

April 21, 2015  by  

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Arynga, Inc. and Wind River are working to pre-integrate Arynga’s CarSync Over The Air (OTA) functionality with Wind River automotive software, providing additional out-of-the box SOTA/FOTA functionality to its portfolio.

Infotainment, Navigation, Safety and More in the 2015 Lexus ES 350

April 18, 2015  by  

2013_Lexus_ES_350_13__44641_2524_lowIt’s really not that huge an imposition to have to adjust the driver’s seat whenever it’s time to switch different sized drivers, but it’s nice not to have to, and in the 2015 Lexus ES 350, with 10-way power seats, the seat slides forward or back automatically so it’s easier in and easier out.

And it’s not just the seat that adjusts, but also the steering wheel and side mirrors. A thoughtful design. Plus, the side mirrors are heated.

BorgWarner Supplies Variable Cam Timing and Engine Timing Technologies for JLR I4 Engines

April 16, 2015  by  

borg warner 4-16-15 198920Reducing Friction; Improving Engine Efficiency

BorgWarner provides its variable cam timing (VCT) and engine timing systems for the new I4 engine family from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Based on a configurable and flexible architecture to improve manufacturing efficiency and calibration strategies, the engines deliver high performance, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

For reliable variable cam timing, BorgWarner’s compact torsional assist (TA) phaser technology actuates rapidly resulting in improved performance, while its latest chain and tensioner technologies deliver lower friction and improve wear resistance.

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