AMP Electric Vehicles acquires Navistar Workhorse® chassis brand, assembly plant and dealer network

March 5, 2013  by  

AMP Holding Inc.’s newly formed subsidiary, Amp Trucks, Inc., has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Workhorse® brand, logo, IP, patents, assembly plant, and nationwide network of 440 dealers from Workhorse Custom Chassis, LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of Navistar International Corporation. The acquisition is expected to close on or about March 13, 2013.

Amp Electric Vehicles  has been focused on the electrification of fleet vehicles, including medium-duty class 3-6 trucks and vans. Workhorse is a leading van manufacturer. AMP plans to produce step-vans and other vehicle types using the former Workhorse Custom Chassis plant in Union City, Indiana.

“With this acquisition we are going from a re-power company to a full OEM (original equipment manufacturer) able to offer a range of alternative fuel vehicles,” said AMP chief executive officer Steve Burns. “There aren’t many of those, and the opportunity to become one doesn’t come along very often.”

Burns said AMP will manufacture gasoline-powered delivery trucks and layer-in electric and hybrid technologies, including the first all-electric integrated truck, with chassis and powertrain manufactured in one assembly line. “We want to be the leading alternative energy truck company, and we’re starting with a clean slate, a proven chassis, and years of experience in electric and hybrid vehicle technology.”

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